Best and Worst Cities For 2012 Spring Allergies

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Is the city you live in making your lil one's allergies worse?

Are you sneezing, tearing, and coughing just a little (or a lot) lately? Does the post-nasal drip drive you mad or is it the lingering sore throat? For me, it’s been my eyes.

I’m super sensitive to begin with to nearly everything, from make-up to lotion, and for the past couple of months, my eyes can go from being perfectly fine to hideously red, itchy and swollen overnight. If I miss just one night of allergy meds, then I’ll be donning sunglasses on morning drop-off because my eyes are just that bad.

It’s no surprise that this year’s mild winter has set us up for not only an earlier allergy season, but a stronger one, too. And some cities are actually worse than others for allergy sufferers. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has put together their annual report of the best and worst cities:

  • #5 Worst City: Wichita, Kansas 1 of 10
    #5 Worst City: Wichita, Kansas
    Ranked as number 13 last year in 2011, Wichita leaped into the fifth spot this year.
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  • #4 Worst City: Jackson, Mississippi 2 of 10
    #4 Worst City: Jackson, Mississippi
    The University MS Medical Center has seen a large number of seasonal allergy sufferers already, and spring just officially sprung.
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  • #3 Worst City: Louisville, Kentucky 3 of 10
    #3 Worst City: Louisville, Kentucky
    Louisville came in #2 last year but still remained high in 2012, making it one of the top five worst cities for allergies.
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  • #2 Worst City: McAllen, Texas 4 of 10
    #2 Worst City: McAllen, Texas
    Jumping seven spots, McAllen was #9 last year, and just narrowly missed taking the top spot in 2012.
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  • #1 Worst City: Knoxville, Tennessee 5 of 10
    #1 Worst City: Knoxville, Tennessee
    For the second year in a row (unfortunately for its residents), Knoxville, TN is the worst city for allergy suffers in 2012, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
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  • #5 Best City: Salt Lake City, UT 6 of 10
    #5 Best City: Salt Lake City, UT
    The cool mountain backdrop and low humidity make Salt Lake City, UT one of the best places to live for allergy sufferers.
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  • #4 Best City: Denver, CO 7 of 10
    #4 Best City: Denver, CO
    Home to the Broncos, Denver is not only one of the state's most populous cities, but it is also a great place to live if your family has allergies.
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  • #3 Best City: Daytona Beach, FL 8 of 10
    #3 Best City: Daytona Beach, FL
    I don't know about you but this photo alone, makes my eyes stop tearing long enough to envision a beach house and a pollution free existence.
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  • #2 Best City: Boise City, ID 9 of 10
    #2 Best City: Boise City, ID
    Boise boats of four seasons, but the fall is brief and the spring gradual. Combine that with cold winters and dry, but hot summers, and it's a recipe for good breathing and clear heads.
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  • #1 Best City: Portland, OR 10 of 10
    #1 Best City: Portland, OR
    The dry climate is one of the reasons that Portland ranks as #1 best city for allergy sufferers in 2012. (Incidentally, it has also be rated as one of America's top safest cities which makes it even more family friendly.)
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Are you allergies worse this year? How about your children’s allergies? Did your city make either list?

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