Best Apology for Tampon Supply Issue Ever?

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O.B. is singing it's aplogy for discontinuing the Ultra.

Ladies with the heavy flow, rejoice! O.B. Ultras are coming back. And they’ve set their regret over discontinuing the popular hygiene supplies to an over-the-top video.

About a year ago, the applicator-free tampons with a loyal following started becoming harder and harder to find — so much so they were being hoarded and/or bought up and sold on eBay. The LA Times reports that a 40-count box of Ultras was listed at the resale site for $79. With shipping, that’s more than $2 per tampon.

Turns out, the hoarding wasn’t in vain. Earlier this year, owners of the brand, Johnson & Johnson, fully discontinued these absorbent favorites, which were particularly suited for the heavy-flow days (or those who didn’t snap back after one or more births). It’s unclear why the company stopped the flow of these monthly necessities, but they’ve made it quite apparent that they’re sorry.

Really, really sorry. Triple sorry, even.

Cramming every overwrought lady cliche into a two-minute power ballad (plus coupon!), the makers of O.B. Ultra want you to know that it wasn’t you, it was them. They made a mistake. They were really (super) wrong. They’re still totally into you … so to speak … never mind. Just fill in your name and a scruffy crooner in white jeans will make it all better.

The company expects Ultras to be available again sometime mid-2012 — only six cycles to go!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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