Best Big Brother Award: 12-Year-Old Delivers Baby Brother

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12-Year-Old Baby Helps Deliver Baby Brother

Kids often help out around the house. They do dishes, do some vacuuming and occasionally take out the trash. But one 12-year-old Canadian boy assisted his family in a very important way. He delivered his own baby brother.  What happened?

Danielle Edwards woke up at about 2 a.m. and realized that she was in labor, not the pangs that lead up to active labor but actual ‘this baby is coming out now’ labor.  She was unable to move from her bed and saw that the TV on was on in another room and she realized her 12-year-old had snuck out of bed to watch TV. She called for him and he came and saw that the baby was coming out…

“I said, ‘Gaelan, when I push next, I need you to grab the baby by the shoulders and I need you to pull him out.'” Danielle said. “And he — just like by instinct, I couldn’t even believe it — grabbed the baby by the shoulders, with the head on his wrist, and eased him out, kind of wriggled him from side to side, and pulled him onto the bed.” After the baby was born he used scissors and a clamp for plastic bags to cut and secure the umbilical cord. He then helped his mom deliver the placenta.

“He was amazing,” Danielle said. “He helped me put the baby on my tummy, then he went and grabbed a blanket and helped me wrap the baby … It was like he knew.”

Gaelan was surprisingly very prepared.  “Mom, I knew she was going to go into labor any day,” he said. “Like, it was over the due date, so I’m like, ‘Oh, whatever, I’ll start reading these books.’ . . . I’ve been reading medicine books for a few years now.”  His mom addressed their openness saying, “We have a very blunt and honest family. So they ask me questions and I answer them.”

But in the end she was very proud of her son and his amazing calmness throughout the birth saying, “he’s just this amazing little guy.”

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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