Between the Sheets: Finding a Meaningful Kind of Love in Bed (PHOTOS)

Sleeping preschooler
My older daughter learned the comfort of Grandma's big bed early on

I’ve occasionally felt that right before I fall asleep and just as soon as I wake up is when I’m most vulnerable. It’s that semi state of consciousness that can leave me feeling as if I’m potential prey for nighttime demons, or, even worse, fodder for daytime villains.

But if you can’t trust your own family when you’re in bed, what do you really have? When I take my girls to go visit my parents, the part we look forward to most is between the sheets. Getting under the covers with my mom and giggling as we watch bad TV, having the girls cuddle with Grandma and belly laugh with Pop Pop — time after time, it’s what makes me tingle with anticipation in the days leading up to a trip, and ache most with longing when we begrudgingly get in the car to go back to the airport

While I’ll always try to teach my girls that life is about the journeys, you can be sure I’ll show them that if they don’t enjoy the destinations, even the most seemingly mundane ones, they’ll be missing out on some of the most intimate, delicious moments. Life is full of love — bed head and morning breath be damned — if you’re sure not to blink and miss it before you close your eyes at night and open them in the morning.

Here are some of my favorite images of my girls, my parents, and their bed:

  • Little girl, big bed 1 of 11
    Little girl, big bed
    As soon as we got to my parents' house on our most recent visit, my older daughter promptly hopped onto their bed and took a nap. She's no dummy; that's one comfortable bed.
  • Little girl, big crib 2 of 11
    Little girl, big crib
    When she was younger, we once put the Pack 'N Play in a closet so she could sleep undisturbed. She didn't seem to mind being among the dry cleaning.
  • Littler girl, big bed 3 of 11
    Littler girl, big bed
    My younger daughter has already discovered the joys of Grandma and Grandpa's bed.
    So many pillows to prop her up, so little time.
  • Sister sister 4 of 11
    Sister sister
    One of the few places the girls' are willing to share is on the bed at Grandma's house.
  • Storytime 5 of 11
    Stories are always better in Grandma's bed.
  • Good morning! 6 of 11
    Good morning!
    Why can't she wake up this happy at our house?
  • Now that’s a kiss! 7 of 11
    Now that's a kiss!
    Affection comes easily when the morning is greeted happily by Pop Pop.
  • No naptime ritual necessary 8 of 11
    No naptime ritual necessary
    No naptime ritual necessary at Grandma and Pop Pop's house. Sleep comes easily when the days are adventure-filled.
  • Boom! 9 of 11
    I'm not sure there's a more fun game than being thrown on the bed by Pop Pop.
  • Cheese! 10 of 11
    Creatures of all kind are welcome in Grandma's bed.
  • This is the life 11 of 11
    This is the life
    Did we mention how much we enjoy being in bed at Grandma and Pop Pop's house?

All images: Meredith Carroll

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