Beyond Laurels and Hearts: Amazing Images of Next Level Latte Art

Like any urban-dweller worth his or her salt, I love coffee. Fancy coffee. Coffee that comes in a really nice, recycled paper cup and costs five bucks. Lattes. Rich, dark, grainy, foamy lattes that taste best when you have time to sit and sip them out of a giant ceramic bowl the way they serve them in one of the many coffee shops here in Brooklyn, the borough of writers who write in coffee shops. I love the satisfaction I feel when I look at the fine, feathered designs in the foam of a five dollar latte. I love, much like Carly Simon, looking at the clouds in my coffee and trying to decipher some meaning there. Of late I’ve seen Pocahontas and Elvis in my big bowl of latte lattes, and I swoon every time my latte is presented to me with a perfectly formed heart.

But the designs in the latte foam you see below go way beyond laurels and swirls and creamy hearts. They include adorable kitties and funny faces and even copies of classical paintings. Oh, and Lady Gaga, for good measure. Take a look at this latte art:

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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