Big Baby! 16 lb Baby Born in Texas.

I’ve definitely boasted about my son Carter’s birth weight- 9lbs 12oz all natural thankyouverymuch. And that was one day after a prenatal appointment where my OB guessed he’d be “about 7lbs.” Of my four kids he was my largest. I wonder if the doctor had known how large he was- Carter did break his collarbone during delivery- if I would have been allowed to continue naturally?

This weekend many mothers’ jaws dropped as a 16 Pound Baby Boy in Texas Sets Local Record -parents Janet and Michael Brown welcomed  baby JaMichael Brown, born 16lbs and 2 ft long (by c-section, of course!) Records indicate that it could be the biggest baby ever born in the state of Texas. He’s already been given a nickname- Moose- and you know will only add to the arsenal of jokes and stories about how everything is bigger in Texas!

So, because we love to compare, what did your babies weigh? Did their size affect birthing naturally or by c-section? My first son was 7lbs 7oz, second son was 9lbs 12oz, third son was 7lbs 5oz, and my last- a girl born at home- was 8lbs 12oz.

Is there a connection between birth weight and childhood obesity?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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