Big, Tough Pee Wee Football Coach Who Showed Itty-Bitty 8-Year-Old Player Who’s Boss Gets Fired

Pee Wee Football
It takes a tough — actually, make that WEAK — man to bully a little kid

It’s hard to imagine what kind of adult takes on the task of coaching a pee wee football team and then doesn’t have an extraordinary amount of patience. After all, directing a bunch of 7- and 8-year-old around the field while they’re tripping over their cleats and fumbling with their pads and helmets — not to mention trying to actually handle the ball — is no small lesson in tolerance.

And yet a youth football coach in Indiana felt there was more to his job than the basic tenets of the game, and, let’s be honest, babysitting. Namely, he took it upon himself to bench an allegedly weaker player, and then when the kid’s parents took him to task for singling out their son, the coach made “demeaning and degrading” comments about the boy on Facebook.

According to Yahoo Sports, a coach in the Christian Park Youth Football League bullied one of his players on the league’s official Facebook page following a complaint from the boy’s parents about the treatment of their son during practices and games. The parents said their son had been “taunted” in front of his teammates.

When the boy’s mom addressed the coach directly, he retaliated on Facebook by posting unkind words about the kid.

Thankfully, the coach has since been fired from the league and banned entirely from the park where games are held.

“We don’t condone that kind of behavior at all,” league president Bill Daniels told a Fox 59 reporter. “Come on, this is pee wee football.”

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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