Bill Maher Says His Sarah Palin Slurs Are OK, Unlike Limbaugh's Rants

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Maher misses the point completely.

It looks like the public has spoken on Rush Limbaugh’s degradation of Georgetown Law School’s Sandra Fluke after she asserted that birth control should be covered by health insurance at religious institutions. He proceeded to attack her morality and her family’s parenting skills in raising such a ‘promiscuous’ woman. Ridiculous? Yes. Disgusting? For sure. And that’s why Limbaugh ended up losing a ton of advertisers for the sexist rant.

Left winger Bill Maher did nearly the same exact thing as Rush Limbaugh in his stand-up act last year when he spoke about Sarah Palin. Yet he has not only not learned a thing from Limbaugh’s story, but he’s defending his comments. Why? Because Sarah Palin is, he says, is a public figure, while Fluke is a private citizen.

Maher told ABC News’ Jake Tapper today that when he called Sarah Palin a “c—” and a “dumb t—” in his stand-up show last year, it was OK because Palin, basically deserved it:

“Limbaugh went after a civilian about very specific behavior, that was a lie, speaking for a party that has systematically gone after women’s rights all year, on the public airwaves. I used a rude word about a public figure who gives as good as she gets, who’s called people ‘terrorist’ and ‘unAmerican’… The First Amendment was specifically designed for citizens to insult politicians. Libel laws were written to protect law students speaking out on political issues from getting called whores by Oxycontin addicts.”

Critics, including Palin herself, have been loudly questioning why Maher was not made to apologize for what he said about Palin. They feel it’s just another leverage tool in the political war between the parties, and that the media is bowing down to the liberal view.

While I thought I may have been one of the absolute last people to say anything in defense of Sarah Palin, I have to admit, she’s kinda right. Maybe not exactly, but it’s true that what Maher said was equally as damaging as what Limbaugh said. To me, whether the woman is famous or not doesn’t matter. What kind of man needs to resort to that type of misogynistic hate? A man who nothing else to say, I guess or is so afraid of being unfunny, he has to use profanity in his comedy shows to bring home the point. Here’s the thing that Maher and so many other comedians still haven’t learned. If you have to be vulgar to be considered funny, you probably aren’t all that funny to begin with.

I disagree with nearly everything that Palin stands for and was thrilled, and I mean thrilled when she lost, but she does not deserve to be the subject of sexist and misogynistic rants. No woman does. And the c-word is quite possibly the most vile thing a man can say.

Maher’s defense is idiotic, as was Limbaugh’s. Democrat or Republican, it’s time that men stop publicly degrading women once and for all, and that has nothing to do with politics.

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