Birth Parents Find Adopted Kids on Facebook: Should They?

birth parents finding kids on facebook adoption
Birth parents using Facebook to find child given up for adoption?

The Today show covered an interesting story about birth parents who found the child they gave up for adoption – on Facebook, of all places. This isn’t the only instance of parents finding their children via Facebook, but begs the question of whether people should use this method to find their children.

In some instances, birth parents made contact with their child before getting in touch with the adoptive parents – and in other cases, they contacted a child before the kid even knew he/she was adopted.

So, clearly, while this particular story had a happy reunion and ending, I’m not so sure that would always be the case.

The process of birth parents finding their adopted children (or kids finding their birth parents) used to be more involved, but Facebook has made the process a little easier, it seems.

As someone who was adopted as an infant, I’ve always gotten the question from friends about whether I wanted to meet my “real” parents. This always struck me as odd because the people who adopted and raised me are my “real” parents, as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve never had the burning urge to find out who my biological parents are, to see what they look like, or get to know them in any way. But for other people, I understand that there’s a curiosity or, in some cases, a void that people feel needs to be filled.

Personally, the only reason I would want to find out more about my birth parents is to find out medical history. Otherwise, I don’t have much interest.

Still, for those who are seeking their biological families, I don’t think the use of Facebook to reconnect birth parents and their adopted children is the right channel.

Do you think that birth parents should track their kids down this way and make contact?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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