Bizarre Surprise in 2-year-old’s Birthday Gift (Video)

Kinda gross, no?


Jessica and Mizael Quiñones got a little more than expected when they ordered a toy truck for their 2-year-old son’s birthday party.

When Fedex delivered the truck, the couple set about putting it together. You know the drill. One parent curses while the other one attempts to calm them down. Ultimately one parent tosses all the parts down in disgust and the other one ends up finishing the project. Like Christmas!

Anyway, the parents found a little something extra in the package…

Someone’s plaster dental molds.

Jessica Quiñones thought her husband was joking when he held up the molds.

“I thought he was pranking me, because I didn’t think they were real.” She tells Texas NBC affiliate NBCDFW.

They’re real.

Turns out, the molds belong to a woman in Houston. Because her information, including her dentist’s phone number, was also in the box. The Quiñones called the dentist to say that Hey, we have some teeth imprints here that may belong to you.

The dentist was shipping the teeth molds to a lab in California, ostensibly for them to create dentures.  So what happened?  How do teeth molds and a patient’s sensitive information end up in a 2-year-old’s birthday gift?

Was it FedEx’s fault?

In a statement to NBC 5, FedEx spokesman Scott Fiedler said:

“Our goal is 100 percent reliability, and we want to apologize to the customers involved. We will credit both customers’ accounts and will return the shipments at no-charge. We’ve been trying to retrieve the shipments from the customer so they can be returned. We are conducting an internal investigation to help ensure this does not happen again.”

Maybe it’s Walmart’s fault?

NBC 5 contacted Walmart’s media relations department, but they did not call back with an explanation.

Regardless of who is to blame, I’m just glad the Quiñones’ decided to put the truck together themselves instead of letting their son open the box. I’m also glad the shipment didn’t include actual dentures because they can be a bit startling, especially when you aren’t expecting to see a set of chompers just lying around, you know?

The family talks about the incident in the video below:

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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