Black Barbie and Ken's Traditional Nigerian Wedding (Photos)

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Barbie and Ken on their big day.

You may remember this fun photo shoot of Barbie and Ken tying the knot taken by Beatrice de Guigne, or maybe you saw this series of Barbie maternity shots by Mindy at Itsy Bitsy Creations. Both are adorable, but neither tops the amazing photos below – taken by London-based photographer Obi Nwokedi – of Black Barbie and Ken’s traditional Nigerian wedding. Nwokedi captures their big day in the now popular journalistic style, creating every scene in great detail and with incredible color. These photos are so evocative I actually felt emotionally invested in them as I flipped through, and they provide insight into a cultural experience most of us won’t get to have. (Although according to CNN, Nigeria is in the midst of a wedding boom, and since it’s standard for brides there to invite 2,000 people to the ceremony, I guess you never know!) Until then, celebrate here with Barbie and Ken, Nigerian-style:

  • Barbie and Ken: A Nigerian Wedding Story 1 of 23
    Barbie and Ken: A Nigerian Wedding Story
    The couple's "official portrait."
  • Getting ready… 2 of 23
    Getting ready...
    Barbie in her boudoir.
  • Detail of the dress and jewelry… 3 of 23
    Detail of the dress and jewelry...
    Love the purple accent! As you'll see, it matches the bridesmaids' dresses...
  • Barbie gets a blowout… 4 of 23
    Barbie gets a blowout...
    Getting my hair and makeup done are always my favorite part of any big event.
  • Sending the final pre-wedding tweet! 5 of 23
    Sending the final pre-wedding tweet!
    "OMG I can't believe I'm marrying the man of my dreams, Ken!!!"
  • Drink with the bridesmaids… 6 of 23
    Drink with the bridesmaids...
    You've got to have some pre-ceremony champagne.
  • Final touches… 7 of 23
    Final touches...
    The Maid of Honor fixing Barbie's hairpiece.
  • The table setting… 8 of 23
    The table setting...
    Look at the details!
  • The wedding proposal… 9 of 23
    The wedding proposal...
    According to the photographer, the wedding proposal is read at the reception.
  • The groom and groomsmen bowing… 10 of 23
    The groom and groomsmen bowing... the bride's parents' feet.
  • Guests enjoying themselves! 11 of 23
    Guests enjoying themselves!
    Love the colors!
  • Official shot… 12 of 23
    Official shot...
    ...of the bride and her beautiful besties.
  • Gele 13 of 23
    Traditional Nigerian wrap/veil.
  • The changing of the groom’s hat… 14 of 23
    The changing of the groom's hat...
    The photographer says this has "something to do with crowning the head of the home."
  • A moment of rest… 15 of 23
    A moment of rest...
    When I saw this shot I actually thought, "Aww..." like I was looking at a picture of a real wedding! The light is so evocative.
  • Time to dance! 16 of 23
    Time to dance!
    Get down, everybody!
  • Bridesmaid boogie… 17 of 23
    Bridesmaid boogie...
    Rock those bracelets and that gorgeous hair, girl!
  • OMG 18 of 23
    This couple is so next to get married, amIright???
  • DJ Shiny Shades 19 of 23
    DJ Shiny Shades
    Spinnin' tunes all night!
  • The dollar dance… 20 of 23
    The dollar dance...
    A custom all over the world!
  • Get that pic! 21 of 23
    Get that pic!
    Capturing a memory...
  • The requisite black and white shot… 22 of 23
    The requisite black and white shot...
    According to CNN, "Nigerian weddings feature two ceremonies: a traditional ceremony and a 'white wedding'." Thus the different dresses.
  • Passed out… 23 of 23
    Passed out...
    Hahaha... a perfect ending to a perfect day!

The Huffington Post notes that the project took five months to complete, “not because it was that complex, but more because of the time it took me to find, buy and ship the dolls and accessories,” Nwokedi said. He told HuffPo he was inspired to do the Barbie wedding after seeing the Black Barbie issue of Vogue Italia last year. To see Nwokedi’s complete Barbie shoot, check out this post on his site, then look at his stunning photos of this real life Nigerian wedding in England.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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