Black Market Enamel: How Much Are Teeth Worth?


I remember whenever I lost a tooth, I’d slip it under my pillow and squeeze my eyes shut, dreaming about all the candy I would be able to buy the next day once the Tooth Fairy made her/his/its? visit. My parents had told me there would be money under the pillow by the morning, but our definition of “money” must have been different, because I went to bed dreaming of millions and woke up to a scattering of quarters or, if I was really lucky, a dollar bill.

So I was delighted to see this Yahoo! Answers page about how much the going rate for teeth is today. A lot of people seem to leave $5. Some people leave small gifts. But a lot of people suggested change or small bills. Not a lot has changed, it seems, since I was a kid.

My daughter is not yet old enough to deal with lost teeth (watch, she’ll trip on the playground today just for me writing that), but I think we’ll probably sneak into her bedroom once that time comes, take her tooth and leave behind a few quarters. Does she really need so much candy money?

How about you? What’s the going rate for teeth in your household?

— Mike @ Cry It Out!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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