Blast from the Past! 1979 Victoria's Secret Catalog is Both Hilarious and Refreshing (Photos)

Do you ever flip through a Victoria’s Secret catalog and wonder to whom exactly they are marketing their product? I certainly don’t feel motivated to buy their lingerie when it is modeled by women so thin I can count their ribs and breast implants too large for their petite frames.

Still, this seems to be the only type of woman selected to appear in the Victoria Secret print ads or otherwise these days. I wish we could take it back to a simpler time when women didn’t contain silicone or have to subsist on a diet of ice chips and toilet paper to maintain their size zero physique in order to meet the societal standard of beauty.

Recently, I stumbled across a Victoria’s Secret catalog from 1979. The photographs are kind of hilarious, featuring women in a very victorian style background, flashing their bedroom eyes at the camera while performing totally mundane tasks in fuzzy heels. They are good for a laugh, but the best part? The women are all natural and thin, but not emaciated.

Have a look:

  • Refreshingly all natural 1 of 7
    Refreshingly all natural
    The only thing fake in this photo is the fur on the heels these women are wearing.
  • Keeping it modest 2 of 7
    Keeping it modest
    These ladies are a vision without showing off everything their mama gave them.
  • Classic 3 of 7
    I always wear pearls and drink tea in my white slip with girlfriends. Don't you?
  • Nothing to see here 4 of 7
    Nothing to see here
    Just three girls lounging on a chaise with flowers in their hair.
  • Just your average Saturday night 5 of 7
    Just your average Saturday night
    What? Don't you like to cross stitch in your underwear with two of your closest friends?
  • Signature scent 6 of 7
    Signature scent
    I love when models attempt to make a mundane task like putting on perfume look natural while posing in their underwear on a silk pillow.
  • Let it lie 7 of 7
    Let it lie
    They certainly thought highly of that rug. It appears in almost every photo in the catalog. You know, because nothing says buy lingerie like a victorian style rug.

Jezebel via Retrospace

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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