Bloggers' Tips for Avoiding Blog Burnout

Blog, blog, blog, blah, blah, blah.

There are days I feel so over my blog. The pink stripes, that smiley picture in the corner, my own written voice – I mean really Lori, you’re just not that interesting. As someone who’s never backpacked through Europe, danced on a bar top, or even gotten a regrettable tattoo, sometimes I wonder if I’ve already told every story worth telling.

And then there’s the whole dark side of the blogosphere. When we’re misunderstood, fed to the trolls, or blogging to the sound of crickets, it’s easy to wonder why we blog at all.

The good news is that we’re not alone.

The better news is that our favorite bloggers are here to offer their personal tips for avoiding dreaded blog burnout.

Check out the tips after the jump!

  • Blog less 1 of 14
    Blog less
    "I never blog enough to warrant a burn out. That's my strategy."
    Jennifer via The Martha Project
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  • Unplug 2 of 14
    "Sometimes you just need a weekend or a couple days off... You are allowed! Unplug and rock out with your kids!"
    via Danielle Elwood
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  • Keep it fresh 3 of 14
    Keep it fresh
    "I don't have a schedule, but I do make a mental note when something bloggable happens. Keeps it fresh."
    @TragicSandwich via Twitter Tragic Sandwich
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  • Set goals 4 of 14
    Set goals
    "Set attainable blog goals - once a week, four times a month - trackable so you know if you've met your goals."
    @sarah_wells via Twitter Driftwood
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  • Ask for guest posts 5 of 14
    Ask for guest posts
    "Give yourself permission to take time off from blogging. Ask for guest posts when you're not motivated."
    @MominManagement via Twitter Mom in Management
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  • Attend a blog conference 6 of 14
    Attend a blog conference
    "I find my way through blog burn-out every time I go to a conference. Just being with my tribe, basking in their savvy and cleverness and laughter, makes me want to be better at what I do."
    via Jessica Ashley Sassafrass
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  • Keep it personal 7 of 14
    Keep it personal
    "Don't be obsessed with numbers. Avoid contests. Blog about things you care about, not just things that are popular."
    @dancinbranflake via Twitter Dancing Branflakes
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  • Set a schedule 8 of 14
    Set a schedule
    "Have a schedule of what you want to post. It helps me feel less over-whelmed and the posts are more thoughtful!"
    @ardorblog via Twitter Ardor
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  • Gratitude 9 of 14
    "I think back to my corporate America days.... Never seeing my kids. Having to wake up in the mornings. Crazy stress. Paying out the wazoo for daycare. After that, the blogging burnout seems to fade and my love for blogging returns."
    via Molly Digital Mom Blog
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  • Zumba 10 of 14
    "Stopping to hit the gym for a zumba class and grabbing an ice coffee on the way home. stress? gone :)"
    @LizaRae via Twitter Cira's Lyrics
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  • Ideas, ideas, ideas 11 of 14
    Ideas, ideas, ideas
    "Keep a cache of post ideas. Sometimes they are post worthy later or can serve as inspiration for other posts."
    @bereccah5 via Twitter Connelly Confusion
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  • Stay passionate 12 of 14
    Stay passionate
    "My best advice is to try to write about things that you're actually passionate about. That helps me avoid feeling like the daily grind is eating at me. And TAKE TIME AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. You have to have a personal life and you have to connect with the outside world (as in outdoors, nature, the streets, people who are not using technology) in order to have a reservoir of energy to pull from and put into your work. Also, coffee, obvs."
    via Carolyn Castiglia
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  • Ignore the negative 13 of 14
    Ignore the negative
    "As a writer, it is when I am not writing that I feel the worst. But, the "business" of blogging and social media cuts into my real writing time. And as for all the negative stuff - I ignore as much as possible. I 'hide' from my stats all the time. I know that people advise against that -- and they are right from a business/blogging stand point. BUT for the 'marathon' that is my blogging life, I can't be "owned" by my stats. Some days, it is just about showing up, doing my job the best I can, and letting the stats fall where they may."
    via Janice 5 Minutes for Mom
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  • Focus on the heart of writing 14 of 14
    Focus on the heart of writing
    "I think there are two things going on with blogger burnout; one, writing overload, and I'll talk about that first. It might sound counterintuitive, but I think you have to write every day - even if you aren't BLOGGING every day. Really. My writing mentor told me once that you have to write seven hours a week to really call yourself a writer, and I think that discipline keeps me from getting burn out on writing itself.
    The other thing, though, is this: blogosphere burnout. The trolls, the competition, the checking-of-stats, the general nature of contention that is a smaller part of our community that is simply EXHAUSTING. And that is MUCH harder to avoid burning out on. My best advice about that? Is do everything you can to ignore it. I mean, don't read comments where you get trolled. Don't follow people on Twitter that mock you. Simply act as if that part of the blogosphere. It's taken me YEARS to learn that (eight years, actually) and is only now become how I survive."
    via Cecily Uppercase Woman
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What are your tips for avoiding blog burnout?

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