Blogging After 40: Bloggers Say It's Awesome (Even If We Are A Bit Tired)

Tomorrow I turn 44. FORTY FOUR. Wow.

I began blogging when I was a mere baby at age 36; I could not have imagined how the blogosphere would change in these last eight years.

But one thing I know is that blogging has been good to me, and has been particularly good to me since I turned 40 in 2008 (and, yes, that’s when I died my hair pink to celebrate!). I’ve loved blogging in my forties, and have found it and social media in general to be a great assest to my career because I don’t only bring my social media expertise to everything I do, but also my twenty years of work experience BEFORE blogging.

It’s a good thing, I tell you.

I wondered if other bloggers agreed, so I asked them. I think you’ll love their answers! Enjoy.

  • Alison from “Writing News and Reviews from My Kitchen Table” 1 of 20
    Alison from "Writing News and Reviews from My Kitchen Table"
    Being a blogger over 40 seems like life experiences gives me a heads up on so many issues I read about today. I can say been there, done that, but there is always something new to learn about life and of course blogging. At my children's age now, they do not want me to mention or post photos of them on my blog, or any other media outlet. Since they are older, I have to respect that. There are so many awesome opportunities to do with younger children that I often wish mine were younger to take advantage of all the fun events. Not that I have any regrets of all the fun family times we have had! I'd probably attend more adult events if both kids were away at college, but this seems to be an important time in their lives to be around, and you can't get that back. As soon as I get the house cleaned up and both kids off to college, I am going out to play!
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  • Becky from “Ms. Batman” 2 of 20
    Becky from "Ms. Batman"
    "Being a blogger over 40 for me means I am not a mommy blogger. My kids are teenagers so I'm beyond binkies & bottles and now have dating & driver's licenses. It also means my girls know I blog and can read it so I can't blog about them w/out their permission. It also seems like there are fewer brands that fit my age or my kids age. If I'm wrong and you know of some please pass along my name."
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  • Connie from “Brain Foggles” 3 of 20
    Connie from "Brain Foggles"
    "Blogging over the age of 40 (I'm 49) keeps me young. I'm more aware of what's going on in social media than a lot of people half my age. Being surrounded by others who are much younger than me makes me question my age. I often forget that I'm 49."
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  • Lee from “Couple Dumb” 4 of 20
    Lee from "Couple Dumb"
    "I only know blogging over 40. I feel like I'm sitting on a porch in a house coat and slippers watching all these young whipper snappers. I don't mind getting old as long as it comes with perspective and wisdom......and reading glasses and Advil."
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  • Dawn from “Party Bluprints Blog” 5 of 20
    Dawn from "Party Bluprints Blog"
    "I only started blogging in my 40's. I feel better now than I did in my 30's. More engaged, inspired and younger ( for real). It keeps me current, curious -I'm learning something new almost every day. And with age, I feel I have more to offer to readers, in terms of perspective, experience and confidence!"
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  • Dianna from “Free Sample Momma” 6 of 20
    Dianna from "Free Sample Momma"
    "Being over 40 in the blogging world means constantly fielding review offers for anti-aging products. Gee, thanks for the reminder that I'm getting old ;)"
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  • Andrea from “Great Thoughts” 7 of 20
    Andrea from "Great Thoughts"
    "I started my blog at the young age of 44- that qualifies for social security in mom blog world. Having already survived a successful career, I find the blog world to be exciting and exhilarating. I wish women in this industry would help each other more."
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  • Jessica Bern from “Bern This” 8 of 20
    Jessica Bern from "Bern This"
    "Blogging as a woman over the age of 40 has huge advantages, at least for me. The most important one is that I'm a much better writer because I have learned how to listen to my gut and stay true to my voice because I no longer really give a damn what most people think of me. "
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  • Jill from “Musing from Me” 9 of 20
    Jill from "Musing from Me"
    "I started blogging when my youngest was 5. I missed blogging all those fun cutesy, fun stories about little kids. Instead I have to tread carefully while blogging about my kids."
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  • Kat from “Nurturing and Nature” 10 of 20
    Kat from "Nurturing and Nature"
    "I didn't start my blog until I was over 40 years old. I think it's the perfect time to start. I'm at a point in my life where I can begin to see the forest after years of dodging trees, and I feel like I have something to say. My writing has improved with the breadth of my experience. I'm still young in mom-years with kids aged two and six years old. I love the community I've found through blogging and social media and how we build on the experiences and wisdom of one another, regardless of age."
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  • Kelly from “Mom Got Blog” 11 of 20
    Kelly from "Mom Got Blog"
    "I like being a blogger over the age of 40. I can share my stories of wisdom from life experiences, memories of days gone by and savoring time that seems to pass all too quickly. I don't have to write about diapers, naps or feeding schedules. Although, that may be a hot topic again sooner rather than later."
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  • Liz from “Mystery Mommy” 12 of 20
    Liz from "Mystery Mommy"
    "I'm 43 years old. I've been blogging for 7 years and 18 days. Can't imagine how I'd have gotten through parenting, school, my husband's political campaigns, and my own activism without blogging. Not through my own writing, but through the support of the whole community of bloggers. Everyday I tell my son or my husband or my co-workers about something that a friend said recently. "My friend, Cecily" I'll start (for example). And then I'll stop and say, "she's a friend I've never actually met, but we've talked online for years". I have met several of my blogging friends in person, and see some of them pretty often. Blogging has made me more politically active, and has introduced me to a host of issues of which I had been embarrassingly ignorant (infertility, disability, sexual identity), I feel like my world became both bigger and smaller when I became a blogger."
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  • Melissa from “Rock and Drool” 13 of 20
    Melissa from "Rock and Drool"
    "I'm 43 (shudder). it's not harder to blog because I'M older. it's harder to blog because my kids are older. they are more aware of what i do so they preface stories with " you aren't allowed to blog about this". or "don't you DARE tweet this". i've been trying to think of a way to reinvent myself and my blog besides having the social media company."
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  • Carla from “Mizfit Online” 14 of 20
    Carla from "Mizfit Online"
    "I've blogged for eleven years so it feels, in a way, as though I've grown-up blogging. I celebrated turning 40 with my readers & hopefully I'll celebrate turning 50 with some of the same eyeballs on my writing....wherever it is housed. I can't lie, while I adore getting older & really have only found my voice these past few years, I sometimes look at the mom-bloggers in their 20s and feel our only commonality is motherhood. The flip side are the amazing connections I've made with women in our 40+ blogger family. We get each other. We support each other. There's an unspoken bond or connection simply because we're the elderstateseople of our genre. And yeah. Full disclosure? These are the blogs I tend to read first as their lives more closely parallel my own. And then I hit the younger mom-bloggers in hopes of stealing some of their apparently unflagging energy."
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  • Molly from “Life with the Campbells” 15 of 20
    Molly from "Life with the Campbells"
    "I started blogging when I was 59--I think of my blog as a way to share my thoughts about being an empty nester. However, now it's about all kinds of things. I think of it as a "column" rather than a "blog." I don't blog for income. As a writer, who is soon to publish her book, I use my blog as a way to get and keep readers who will buy my book--I hope."
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  • Rajean from “Because I Said So” 16 of 20
    Rajean from "Because I Said So"
    "I am still in the honeymoon phase of blogging, having started 10 months ago at age 47. Most subjects I write about I can do so with authority. I delivered my fourth and final baby at age 43, giving me a multigenerational household, nearly three decades of experience in the PR field and lots of trials and tribulations to share, I hope, with humor that comes along with the ability to laugh at myself. Hanging online with a variety of ages in the blogging world keeps me young at heart and is a constant source of inspiration and information."
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  • Tania from “Pure Natural Diva” 17 of 20
    Tania from "Pure Natural Diva"
    "I think the main difference between over 40 and under... is how tired we are... and when we pull an "all nighter" there is no concealer able to tackle the bags that will be under our eyes the next morning."
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  • Teresa from “Single Mom and Teenage Girl” 18 of 20
    Teresa from "Single Mom and Teenage Girl"
    "I'm 42. The blogging topics are different for me as I am older and my daughter is older. But, it makes me look forward to being able to blog through my daughter's marriage, home buying, and becoming a grandmother. The readers will be able to say, I remember when she was only in high school. My daughter will say, 'Oh no, mom!' "
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  • Theresa from “Rock On, Mommies” 19 of 20
    Theresa from "Rock On, Mommies"
    "At 42 my Grandmother was not only pregnant with her 4 child, but she was also a brand new grandmother, had 2 sons in the Navy, was working full time at the High School and doing it all just like she does everything, with a smile. How did she do it? I always thought that having my aunt later in life kept my Grandmother young. Now that I'm 40 and pregnant I'm feeling like it's only making me older. I'm tired. I have no creativity. My blog has suffered. My housekeeping has suffered. My work for my clients have suffered. My grandmother is a Saint! I have no idea how she did it. I just want to sleep for the next 2 months. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go ice my ribs and take a nap."
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  • Victoria from “Girl Gone Wired” 20 of 20
    Victoria from "Girl Gone Wired"
    "I became a mother for the first time at the age of 25. At the time, one of the high-risk obstetricians who managed my pregnancy told me that I was just a baby myself, I suppose in consideration of the "geriatric mothers" - the first-timers who were approaching, or well into, their forties - whom he encountered in his practice. As my son approached the toddler years, I started writing online with a site at Geocities and became a Community Leader in the Wellesley neighbourhood. It was a way for me to connect with other women as I muddled my way through new motherhood and a bout of postpartum depression. I also posted short pieces at for coffee money. Life intervened; Geocities was acquired and then shut down by Yahoo; and I stopped writing online until I was introduced to LiveJournal in 2003. My entries were posted sporadically as I struggled to cope with the multiple challenges of having a high-needs, medically-fragile little boy (the younger of my twins), whom no one in the medical profession ever dreamed would make it past his first birthday; the financial and emotional impact of choosing my family over my career; and, eventually, the end of my first marriage in 2005 when I was 33. Fast-forward to today: I am now 40, with three vibrant children ages 14, 9 and 9, and plans to marry for a second time. While I still proudly boast a 20-something's energy and passions, I am now finally starting to realize the benefit of being able to temper that important piece of my identity with the wisdom and life experience gained from being a 40-something mother who, really, has grown up alongside her children, with (perhaps far too many?) hours logged online along the way. And, as a mommy/blogger who at least tries to keep it all real, I'd be lying if I told you that the journey hasn't been worth it. Every step of the way."
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