Boo the Dog: The Cutest Pup in the World? Now the Cutest Toy in the World?

Is this the Cutest Plush in the World?

You know how you sell the hot new thing at Christmas time? You make something so ridiculously cute that not just children want it but it’s so damn adorable that the parents feel the need to buy it just to bask in the glory of its sweetness. What fits the “coveted toy” bill this year? Enter the plush toy version of the internet sensation, Boo the Dog.

Boo the Dog, has been given the epic (and arguably true) title of “the world’s cutest dog.” And Boo the Dog is a marketer’s dream – he has calendar, a book, and 2,502,905 Facebook fans.

The stuffed version of Boo The Dog is being produced by Gund. As Jezebel said, “Kids — or, let’s be real here, any adult with a soul — are going to go nuts over this thing.” And with that word of warning, do not tilt this screen over to your child and say, “oh look, it’s this cute,” because they will want one. And right now, you can’t buy it. That’s right, Gund using some marketing mischief, is holding a contest to win the one and only available Boo the Dog plushie (a hand made one at that) via a Facebook competition.

But once the Boo the Dog plush toy is released from the factory, there will be oodles of internet phenomenon followers who aim for the “ironic,” children who love anything super cute, and the parents who love a internet phenomenon and their kids.

And if you want to enjoy some Boo the Dog video cuteness to tide you over until the you can bring him or at least the plush version home, check out some of the magic below:

Photo: Gund/Facebook

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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