Book Shows How Babies Are REALLY Made

how-a-baby-is-made-p2Ah, the 70’s.

Ah, Denmark.


Jezebel has the pages of a very graphic book by Danish author Per Holm Knudsen called “How a Baby Is Made”. And boy, do they show you how.

It’s all kind of amazing. The showing of daddy’s erect penis. The pubic hair. The hippie “Herbie The Love Bug” car the couple drives to the hospital in. The way the baby is smiling – “Hi guys!” – when he/she pops out. And of course, there’s the fact that mom and dad don’t wear clothes until after the baby is born. Is this the story of two former nudists? (Note: these are cartoon drawings, but they do show nudity. Cartoonish nudity, but nudity all the same.)


These are some of the pages, Jezebel has the whole thing.

Source: Jezebel via You Gettin’ This?

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