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A Great Holiday Pick!

When it comes to holiday gifts, or any gift for that matter, I’m extremely, painfully, ridiculously predictable.  I give books.  I have one friend who gets a cookbook from me every year on her birthday.  Every so often my brother tells me he read a book I gave him five years ago.  But the beauty of kids books is you can guarantee at least a couple of readings even if the little one doesn’t fall in love with the story.

Still, just like I get in a book rut with giving books, I can get in a rut with the books I give. With books for children, I definitely have my go-tos, so I was delighted by the 10 excellent new titles over on Babble’s children’s book guide for the holidays. With everything from picture books to YA choices, it has something for everyone.The list includes Touch and Feel Petting Zoo, Pete the Cat, a story of a cat who’ll get his shoes dirty to YA pick The Search for Wondla. There are also baby books and winners for older kids, too.  Then there’s the book with my favorite title:  L, M, N, O, Peas, which I might like because it reminds me of Little Pea, or maybe I just like it because when it comes to puns, I’m easy.

In any case, now that I have choices to push me out of my comfort zone of Strega Nona (Big Anthony learns why it’s important to listen), The Red Book (no words and a beautiful story of imagination and friendship), Dominic (the perfect tale of a dog and an adventure). When it comes to kids reading, I’m always on the lookout for something new and I can’t wait to read some new favorites to our crew of little ones.

What are your favorite children’s books to share?

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