Seven Year Old Boy Accused of Sexual Harassment After Kicking Bully in the Groin

A Boston first grade boy has been accused of sexual harassment after kicking a kid — who choked him and stole his gloves — in the groin.

7-year-old Mark Curran was defending himself against his attacker and now, because he happened to kick the kid down there, the school is investigating, calling it “inappropriate touching.” The mother stood by her son when talking to to the Boston Globe, “I think my kid was right to fight back. He wasn’t doing anything except protecting himself.”

I actually just had a talk with my son’s bus driver regarding an incident on the bus last week. An older kid hit and pushed him out of his seat and made him cry. My child did not fight back and thankfully his older brother stepped in, but I have no problem with a good kick in the nuts if a kid won’t stop. I definitely want my children to know how to defend themselves if ever necessary. Of course, when I found out about my son being hurt on the bus I emailed the school principal immediately. It’s fine to try to work things out peacefully, but what happens if the other kid won’t agree to that and someone doesn’t step in?

Should we only teach our kids to just be nice and let people — big kids, strangers, even adults — do whatever they want and get away with it? Because, um, I am not okay with that. Unless there’s some key information being left out of this story, the school knows good and well that this child was just defending himself and did not intend his kick in the balls to be sexual. Certainly what the other kid did to him violates some sort of code as well? Whatever happened to common sense?

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Photo credit: Aislinn Ritchie

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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