Boy Falls at School, Told to Crawl Back to Classroom by Teachers

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Rahul required six months of rehabilitation after the fall.

An understandably irate couple is suing their child’s school for $200,000 in damages after their six-year-old son was hurt after falling on ice during recess in the playground at Devonshire Elementary School.

When kindergartener Rahul Chandani toppled over a snow mound while in the schoolyard and didn’t get up to come inside with the rest of his classmates, the teachers allegedly instructed him to crawl back inside to his classroom. Prior to that, Rahul had fallen by the swings, hitting his head and leg.

The teachers never investigated why little Rahul had not been able to walk back in but knew he fell and I suppose thought the fall wasn’t that bad. They were wrong.

They also never called an ambulance or doctor. When the boy’s mother, Priya Chandani, came to pick him up, she immediately sensed something was wrong and took him to the hospital.

At the hospital, it was determined that Rahul suffered a fractured tibia, a hematoma to his head, and a concussion. Apparently the lump on his head was “the size of a tennis ball” and the boy had complained of dizziness but the school did not provide him with proper medical attention.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Rahul’s parents, Pritam and Priya were extremely angry and filed a lawsuit:

“His teacher told him, ‘You’re a big boy — I can’t carry you. She told him to walk back, but his leg was broken so he fell again and then had to crawl at least 200-300 feet back to the school building. This could have happened to any child. As soon as I saw him I knew something was wrong.”

Rahul missed school for six weeks following the incident as he was recovering from the injuries during which he had trouble sleeping. He also required six months of rehabilitation until he fully recuperated.

It’s hard to imagine a teacher not being able to recognize that a child’s leg is broken; the child being told to crawl back to a classroom is just insane. I would be livid. If my son has as much as an earache, the school nurse sees him and sends home a note of explanation. Thank goodness Rahul’s injuries weren’t any worse (although a broken leg is undoubtedly painful and a concussion could have lasting impact). Who knows what would have happened had the mom not been able to pick him up that day or didn’t immediately realize he needed medical attention?

Has your child ever experienced a fall or sickness at school that you felt was not given proper attention?

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