Boy Hidden Behind Wall Was Abused, Says Grandmother

rickyTwo years after he went missing, the Ricky Chekevdia was found in a hidden room behind a wall in his grandmother’s home.  But though that mystery has come to a close, the questions are just beginning.

Ricky’s grandmother, Diane Dobbs, spoke to Good Morning America this morning, defending her daughter’s decision to hide her son away.  She says that Ricky’s dad, Michael Chekevida, was accused of sexually abusing his son and that authorities had not completed their investigation when Ricky’s mother, Shannon Wilfong, lost custody.

“We were on our own and we had to do what we had to do and that was make sure our grandson was safe,” Dobbs said in the interview.

She also said that Ricky spent fewer than five minutes in the hidden room in her home over the last few years.  “My grandson had the run of the house, when we were outside we would go fishing, we would do weenie roasts, we’ve done fireworks on the Fourth of July, he’s helped me plant my flower garden in the back,” said Dobbs.  Ricky was also being home-schooled by his mother.

Dobbs has been charged with aiding and abetting, while Wilfong faces charges of felony child abduction.  Chekevdia, for his part, continues to deny all allegations of abuse.  He told Good Morning America, “I was investigated three times, and I complied with everybody’s desires and wishes in those investigations, and every one of those investigations were unfounded.”

Ricky is currently staying with relatives and has not been reunited with his father.

Photo:  Chekevdia Family, AP

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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