Boy Saves His Best Friend From Choking, Could Your Child Do The Same?

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Carter was choking on gummy worms.

Hunter, 10, and Carter, 9 are best friends so naturally they spend a lot of time together. A few weeks ago, the boys were playing. Hunter was playing the piano while Carter was fooling around in a nearby chair and eating gummy worms.

Carter says he “was wiggling around and fell off.” Part of the candy got stuck in Carter’s throat.

Hunter jumped into action and performed the Heimlich Maneuver, reports Fox23 News:

“I ran over there… I didn’t want to waste time. On the fourth time it was starting to come out, so I did it really hard on the last time and it came out,” Hunter said.

Luckily this story has a great ending. I had an experience with choking when I was six-years-old. I was eating a hard candy, a grape-flavored circular ball while playing with my neighbors. I was right next to my mother while I played and she was talking to a friend. I remember feeling the candy slip right down and become lodged in my throat, and being utterly terrified. I pointed to my throat and my mother, a nurse, immediately tried to dislodge the candy. After a few seconds, the candy popped out. It was a terrible feeling.

My mother was horrified after it happened and so was I. To this day, I still don’t allow my younger children to eat hard candy. When I see them in the trick or treat bags, I immediately toss them out.

But the truth is that you can choke on anything. In Carter’s case, it was a gummy worm which many might think wouldn’t be as likely to cause a kid to choke. Every child needs to know what to do if they start to choke, how to help another child if they see them choking, and to alert another adult.

Like Hunter says, it’s the difference between life and death:

“He sits down and he looks at me, and he says ‘you just saved my life’. And I’m sitting there thinking, ‘I just saved his life’,” Hunter said.

Do you think your child could perform the Heimlich if necessary?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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