Boy with 31 Fingers and Toes (and what He has in Common with Megan Fox)

The old saying, “we’ll just be happy if the baby has ten fingers and ten toes” isn’t really about fingers and toes. It’s just a bland statement about wanting a healthy baby and caring about nothing else. But what does finger and toe count have to do with general health anyhow?

For example, take this six-year-old boy with 15 fingers and 16 toes. Granted, no one wants to be something other than normal, and buying shoes must be a bitch, but he’s undergoing an operation to remove the extra digits. It’s not a terminal state, this polydactyly (yep, that’s a word).

I imagine this will be one happy and normal child soon, if he isn’t already a happy and essentially normal child.

Bonus Fact: Did you know Bond girl Gemma Arterton was also born polydactyly? She had an extra finger on each hand. Why remove them. That’s sexy. And Megan Fox has a related condition called brachydactyly.

So maybe in the future the parental mantra should be, “we’ll be happy as long as the baby has at least, if not more than, 10 finger and ten toes.”

Source: New York Daily News

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