Boys Scouts Ignore Purple Day, Demote Gay Dad

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Gay dad demoted in son's Boy Scout troop

Today, Wear Purple October 20 day, comes news that a Texas Boy Scout troop has demoted a troop member’s father for being openly gay.

This just a week after fellow Texan, Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns, spoke up about harassment he suffered because he was gay.

Jon Langbert, the father of triplets, was told to turn in the T-shirt his son’s Boy Scout group had given him to wear during a popcorn-selling fundraiser. The shirt identified him as a member of the leadership team.

Langbert had been open with his son’s Cub Scout troop about his sexuality and the troop’s leaders assured him it wasn’t a problem. Following the popcorn fundraiser, however, a few of the other fathers complained. Those complaints were sent up the chain of command and, finally, he was stripped of his leadership role.

Pat Currie, an executive in the Circle Ten Council, reminded reporters that the BSA have a long-standing policy of prohibiting gays and atheists from serving in leadership roles. Currie said Langbert is welcome to continue volunteering, just not as a leader. Incidentally, this would not have been a problem if Langbert wouldn’t have told his son’s troop that he’s gay.

Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t sell popcorn, don’t evolve.

Langbert won’t accept the second-class status in the troop’s separate but equal compromise. And you know what else? His son’s not having any of it either. He won’t stay with an organization that wouldn’t have his dad as a member. How about the rest of you scouts? Will you?

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