Boys Teeth Rotted After Braces Kept On For 11 Years

Boy's Teeth Rotted After Braces Kept On For 11 Years  via Babble
How long did your kid have braces?

Two days ago, my kids went for a regular dental check-up to a new dentist. They had a cleaning and x-rays and then the dentist came in and loudly proclaimed that my son “has issues.” Being a worst case scenario thinker, I immediately thought, Lord I should have never let him have candy…ever, now he probably has 25 cavities, when the dentist grilled me on why his front top tooth isn’t in yet. It fell out a few months ago and it’s taking a little while to come in, as his baby teeth are getting loose and falling out around it. Why didn’t our last dentist catch that? he asked. I explained that the tooth hadn’t fallen out at the last visit. But he was very annoyed at this and declared that the baby teeth have to be pulled and if the top tooth does not emerge within two months, then oral surgery will be required to cut open the tooth and let it drop down. I asked what happened to nature taking its course, to which I got a huffy reply and a dirty look. You can probably imagine I won’t be going back to that dentist. His bedside manner was pathetic.

As I’ve found out over the years raising three kids, some doctors and dentists are just awful and you can’t always take their advice, especially when they suggest something that immediately sounds or feels wacky, say, for example, like leaving braces on a child for 11 years!

That’s what a 22-year-old man says happened to him and it caused his teeth to rot. The New York Daily News reports that Devin Bost, of Portland, Oregon, is now “suing his orthodontist for nearly $200,000 for leaving his braces on for 11 years, leading to irreversible tooth rot.”

Bost’s lawyer said when he was 18 years old, he received an urgent call from Dr. Brad Chvatal’s office saying he had to come in and have his braces removed ASAP. He also says that although Bost had not gone to the office as much as he should have, he did regularly go to office visits over the years and the ortho never told him the braces had to be removed.

Dr. Chvatal says the case was very “complicated” and he did the best he could.

Where were Bost’s parents in the mix? I’d think 11 years of braces would raise a red flag for most parents, but without any information on them, we can’t really speculate.

Bost is now suing the doc for $150,000 and over $30,000 to cover costs of oral surgery.

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