Boys with Lots of Sisters Unlucky in Love?

Does this kid have too many sisters?

Data gathered by the University of Texas suggests that the number and gender of one’s siblings could play a role in that person’s sexuality. According to the study, a male with a lot of sisters is less likely to attract females. Which might just leave such young men exclaiming “Rats!”

Exactly. You see, the study which yielded this data was done on… rats. David Crews, a psychobiologist at UT, says that when female rats are interested in mating with males, “they wiggle their ears,” which he says, “drives males nuts.” And the poor little boy rats with a bunch of sisters? Apparently they don’t receive such ear-wiggling foreplay as often as their peers.

So what does this mean for humans?

Crews says: “[The study] tells you that families are important—how many brothers and sisters you have, and the interaction among those individuals” may not “determine personality, but it helps to shape it.” Perhaps I’m reading between the lines, but it seems to me that Crews is suggesting that similar results probably hold true for people, too.

This study is of particular interest to me. You see, I may not be Sigmund Freud over here, nor Alfred Adler for that matter, but I am the younger brother of three older sisters, and as such, I do have a fair amount of research in the field under my belt. (Sorry. Probably the wrong metaphor.)

And I always thought that the estrogen abundance in my household was helpful to me when it came to my sexual evolution. Unlike many, if not most, of my knee-knocking, adolescent cohorts, I was always very confident, smooth even, during my interactions with the opposite sex. I was never one who had a hard time when it came to dating girls.

And I always thought it was because my sisters helped me understand how females operate. I learned from them which topics were of interest, how they liked to be treated, and, maybe most importantly, what types of behavior turned them off. And I took those lessons to heart.

Now by no means am I trying to suggest that back in the day, I was some heart-breaking, swashbuckling lady killer, but I certainly wasn’t relegated to the role of every gals’ harmless best friend, either. And that’s exactly what it sounds like my rodent counterparts are — soft, fuzzy, innocuous buddies.

So, parents with sons who have a multitude of sisters, I put it to you. Have you found your boys to be less desirable to their female classmates than other boys who don’t have a lot of sisters? Or are they receiving their fair share of wiggly ears?

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