BPA Found in Glass-Jarred Baby Food

babyfoodjarsSo much for glass being the way to go to avoid BPA. Canadian researchers have found the toxic nasty every parent is hellbound to avoid is lurking inside the glass jarred baby food we all thought was safe.

According to a report in the Globe and Mail this weekend, a study done on jars of baby food in Canada resulted in eighty-four percent of the samples testing positive for BPA. The percentages were low, low enough that Canadian health officials say they’re safe, but that’s singular exposure. Remember – kids are eating lots and lots of this stuff, and we’ve already been warned by researchers that BPA may not be disappearing from our bodies as quickly as once though. Can you say baby’s building up BPA?

BPA was banned from baby bottles last year in Canada, and a group of U.S. bottle manufacturers have promised to go BPA-free.

But as parents try to move away from plastics (BPA is used to harden plastics) and formula cans that have BPA in the lining, they’ve largely gone to glass. The National Institutes of Health, in its warnings about what BPA can do the body, specifically suggests that glass is the way to go. That’s given parents a false sense of security . . . because they forget what’s used to make the TOPS of the glass bottles of baby food. Yup, plastic hardeners . . . aka BPA.

Does this make you want to make it all yourself?

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