Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes for Kids? Meth-inks Not.

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Breaking Bad for kids?

People love Breaking Bad. I mean, I don’t, because I don’t watch television. Not in a smug, hipster, “I’m too busy doing art or reading/I don’t believe in television” sort of way. In an, “I’m usually out of the house/too exhausted/when I do turn it on it’s on a re-run of Seinfeld because/I can’t afford anything beyond basic cable” sort of way. But I know of the show, I watched a few episodes of the first season (back when I had more than 13 channels) and I know how many of my friends are obsessed. So I know enough to know that this is a show about (SPOILER ALERT) a dad who has cancer and a son with cerebral palsy … and making meth.

Look, I don’t really care if you want to dress your kids up as a meth-dealer (Jesse, left in the photo) and a meth-maker (Walter, right) for Halloween, but I mean… is it a great idea? Probably not. I can’t judge, tho. My aunt used to use me as a living doll when I was a toddler. There’s a picture of me dressed as a 3-year-old Western saloon girl, replete with fake boobs and cigarette holder. She thought it was hilarious. I look a little drugged, but hey – I suppose that era began my acting career, so I should be grateful. Maybe these Breaking Bad kids will end up in Hollywood one day, along with this 8-month-old Don Draper. If you’re looking for a fresh idea for Halloween 2012, might as well go mini-Steve Buscemi from Boardwalk Empire.

Story via io9. Photo via Fashionably Geek.


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