Why This Company Wants Your Old Bras

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If you’re done with it, someone else will use it

If you thought your old bra belonged anywhere but in the trash, think again.

It’s one of those things many of us likely take for granted: A bra to wear to the store, to the office, to pick up our kids from school, to a restaurant. No matter your views on feminism, without even thinking about it, bras can be the one thing — especially for women with larger breasts — that separate us from uncivilized society.

So what if you can’t afford a bra? And you need a job? And you show up to, say, an interview with it all just hanging loose? It might seem as if you don’t care, you haven’t tried, and maybe it just won’t work.

That’s where Breast Oasis comes in. It’s a non-profit organization that promotes bra recycling — they collect, clean and distribute new and gently used bras to women in  need in shelters across the country. In addition to providing braless women with some support, they also educate them about the importance of self breast exams and let them know where they can go locally to breast health care.

The organization started in 2009, and since then, they’ve collected over 135,000 bras and made donations to battered women’s shelters, teen shelters and rape crisis centers.

There are plenty of women who choose to go braless for comfort reasons, for political reasons or because they simply don’t give it much thought. Some women go braless, however, because they don’t have a choice. In the latter case, it seems there’s much we can do for them by doing very little, which is sending in our old bras.

To learn more about Breast Oasis or to donate some bras, go here.

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