Breast Pumps Now Tax Deductible

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Upgrade to the fancy one and write that baby off!

Save your receipts, pregnant and recently post-partum mamas. Because breastfeeding supplies — including really fancy pumps! — are now tax deductible.

The IRS finally came around to what advocates, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have said for years: breast pumps are medical supplies, not just something fun to include on a baby registry.

As such, you’re able to write them off.

There are two ways to benefit from the new tax law regarding breast pumps. Either use money that has been set aside in a flexible spending account or include the cost under medical supplies when preparing this year’s taxes. Note that in order to deduct the cost on your taxes only if all medical expenses total more than 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income.

For most women, the flex account option is the way to go.

In a statement praising the new rule, lawmakers said this [via the Washington Post]:


“Today’s decision is a huge victory for nursing mothers everywhere. Modern medicine has documented numerous health benefits linked to breastfeeding, including a reduced risk of illness in infants and a reduced risk of cancer in mothers. And because breastfeeding is so effective in preventing disease, it also happens to save billions in health care costs.”


Good breast pumps can be pretty expensive. Do you think being able to write them off or purchase them with pre-tax funds will be helpful? Since part of the argument for changing IRS rules was that it would encourage women to breast feed — or breast feed for longer — do you think it will? Or will this just help women who would have nursed and pumped either way?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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