Breastfeeding Baby Doll: Soon Latching on to an American Kid Near You

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Bebe Gloton will be known in the U.S. as Breast Milk Doll.

Folks, she’s almost here. Bebe Gloton, the most controversial plastic doll since Barbie got too busty, will soon be for sale at toy stores in the U.S. (Are you thinking break-out Christmas toy hit, too?)

Known on this side of the Atlantic as “that disgusting breastfeeding doll that comes with kid pasties,” Bebe Gloton has been the talk of parent blogs (and comedians) since Spain first introduced her a few years ago. Unlike the other dolls your kids nurse, Bebe Gloton comes with a prosthetic nipple that stimulates the doll’s sucking reflex when the two are close together. BG’s manufactured-to-perfection latch ensures all the fun of nursing without necessitating late-night phone calls to your regional La Leche leader.

We’ve been following the early years of Bebe Glotton for a long time here at Strollerderby. And I, for one, am glad to see her make an American debut. For one, I think she’s hilarious. For another, totally harmless.

I’m also super excited to find out whether sales of this breast-feeding doll won’t be correlated to a spike in teen pregnancies a decade from now as skeptics of three-year-olds pretending to letdown have surmised.

The Spanish company that makes Bebe Gloton, Berjuan Toys, will introduce the dollĀ  to the States at an annual toy convention in Las Vegas this weekend.

Bebe Gloton, or as she’ll be called here, Breast Milk Baby, comes with a bib that has a flower-shaped nipple attached. Girls or boys can put on the bib, cradle the baby and watch the magic happen. Critics think the whole act of letting kids nurse dolls is disgusting. Supporters think, hey, better my kids should breastfeeding BG than me … I’m done with all that!

I’m personally amused at the controversy surrounding this doll. All three of my kids have nursed various inanimate objects. A favorite memory was watching my oldest at a restaurant once when she was five casually lift her little T-shirt to nurse her Beanie Baby bear. A bear’s gotta eat, you know!

Think you’ll get one of these dolls? If the price is right, I might just get one for me!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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