Breastfeeding Moms Pose for Calendar

nursing-make-upA group of moms in the U.K. wanted to raise money for their new moms breastfeeding support group. The best way to get attention, they decided,was to show a little (or big) breast. In nursing action.

Thus, the Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe calendar was born.

The photos — one for each  month — have been called provocative and daring. The Telegraph describes a few:

One photograph shows a half-naked couple embracing with their newborn baby at the breast.

Another features a pregnant woman breastfeeding her four-year-old daughter after a bath.

And one shows a pretty brunette in a revealing bra putting on make-up while breastfeeding her son.

One of the more controversial pictures shows mother-of-three Leanne Thandy, 38, breastfeeding her four-year-old daughter Grace while she is pregnant with her fourth child.

Check out the rest at the site.

The group’s founder and organizer behind the calendar said she hoped the calendar would show moms who are considering nursing that women can still be trendy and sexy, even with a kid latched on to their boobs. (In so many words, she said that.)

Calendar aside, here’s another cool thing about the group. Apparently, they meet up at cafes to nurse to give moms new to public nursing a chance to figure it all out. Love that.

For those of you who are a little more hardcore, check out the group’s Breastmilk Smoothie video tutorial.

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Photo: Rugby Breastfeeding Cafe

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