Breastfeeding Tattoos: Inked Odes to Lactating Ladies (Photos)

Breastfeeding is a fleeting experience, one that mothers usually only participate in for a year or two per child. It is a practice that is short lived and by design; mother’s milk is there to build the foundation on which the babies can grow. But with all good things that don’t last, participants want to remember that time and capture it for prosperity.  And what better way than via a permanent tattoo on your body. Sha!

Along with butterflies, frolicking dolphins, lover’s names, and cherry blossoms, there is an interesting trend of tattoos paying tribute to breastfeeding.  A variety of moms have opted to get inked with simple minimalist breastfeeding icons to tough rockabilly chicks cradling their baby – it runs the gamut.

The fabulous site Nursing Freedom has a large collection “For those among us who celebrate our lives with tattoos,” of not just breastfeeding tattoos but ones celebrating parenthood in general. They really have one of the best collections out there. But to get an idea of the breastfeeding tattoo, here are ten samples of lactating love right here:

  • Picasso 1 of 10
    This mom, who reportedly practiced extended breastfeeding, got a gorgeous rendition of Picasso's "Maternity, 1905." tattooed on her arm.

    Source: Nursing Freedom

  • The Breastfeeing Goddess 2 of 10
    The Breastfeeing Goddess
    According to Nursing Freedom, this tattoo by Chad Whitson of Toledo, OH, was inked on a mom who nursed four children and she also happened to be the leader of the NC chapter of the Le Leche League.

    Source: Nursing Freedom

  • The Rockabilly Mom 3 of 10
    The Rockabilly Mom
    This rockabilly mom tattoo was created by Nowhere Fast Tattoos. It features a tattooed, tough looking mom breastfeeding her baby with a quite a serious look on her face.

    Image Source: Nowhere Fast Tattoos

  • Six Years of Breastfeeding 4 of 10
    Six Years of Breastfeeding
    This mom got a tattoo to celebrate six years of breastfeeding. Impressive! She also has another tattoo that says "Wean Me Gently."

    Image Source: Nursing Freedom

  • I Heart Breastfeeding 5 of 10
    I Heart Breastfeeding
    This mom got a red heart with a simple breastfeeding icon in the middle. It's subtle yet symbolic.

    Image Source: Baby Gaga

  • The Goddess Back Piece 6 of 10
    The Goddess Back Piece
    Now this is a tattoo. A proud mother got this very large back piece saying of the tattoo, "The center of this tattoo is to represent my journey as a mother."

    Image Source: Living Luscious Lea

  • The Minimalist Tattoo 7 of 10
    The Minimalist Tattoo
    The minimalist breastfeeding tattoo is a simple statement on the love of lactation.

    Image Source: Photo Bucket

  • Lea Nahon 8 of 10
    Lea Nahon
    This gorgeous piece is by European tattoo artist Lea Nahon. It's a lovely subtle piece that was designed for the curve of the arm.

    Image Source: Lea's Pintrest Page

  • Pin-Up Mom No. 1 9 of 10
    Pin-Up Mom No. 1
    Part devil, part pin-up - this pin-up model breastfeeding by tattoo artist Tamara VanMeter of Wascally Wabbit Tattoos.

    Image Source: Nursing Freedom

  • Pin-Up Mom No. 2 10 of 10
    Pin-Up Mom No. 2
    This piece was reportedly inspired by a design by artist Laura Vida. The owner of this tattoo got it when her daughter was just one-years-old.

    Image Source: Nursing Freedom


Photo at Left via Nursing Freedom

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