Think Breastfeeding Moms are Aggressive? It's Because They Are.

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Sure, she's all calm and love now. But wait till someone challenges her to Call of Duty.

We’re still not going to call breastfeeding moms “bullies,” but if you have a sense that it’s easy to trigger aggressiveness in nursing moms, you’re right.

New research published in the September issue of Psychological Science found that, when pitted against obnoxiousness and aggression, breastfeeding moms dish it out more than their non-breastfeeding and non-mom peers.

Robert Gonzalez wrote about the study for i09. The study’s participants, 18 nursing mothers, 17 formula-feeding moms, and 20 non-mothers,¬† each played video games against a research assistant, posing as an overtly confrontational participant. If the study participant won a round, she was allowed to deliver a “punitive sound burst” to the confrontational opponent (the research assistant in the know). According to Gonzalez, the punitive sound burst “in this instance is roughly the equivalent of ‘booyah, bitch,’ and has, in fact, been validated as a measure of physical aggression.”

Oh, boy, I think I know where this is going.

The breastfeeding moms went a little nuts with the sound bursts, inflicting longer and louder ones on the RA than the formula-feeders and non-moms. In fact, nursing moms were twice as aggressive as the others, who were about equal in their levels of aggression. And get this: breastfeeding moms had lower blood pressure the whole time.

Bitchy yet calm? Hey, she’s just looking out for her babies. From i09:

“Breast-feeding mothers aren’t going to go out and get into bar fights,” said UCLA’s Dr. Jennifer Hahn-Holebrook, lead author of the study. “But if someone is threatening them or their infant, our research suggests they may be more likely to defend themselves in an aggressive manner.”

Sure that. And bringing it in Call of Duty. Suckahhhh!

A Mom admits, “Sometimes I Scare Myself!”¬†Does anyone else get this mad?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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