Women Breastfeeding Animals? Really?

Breastfeeding a Monkey

I support a woman’s right to breastfeed in a safe, clean space for as long as she’d like. But I’m not so sure about a woman’s right to breastfeed a pet baby monkey or a guinea pig. Is this for real?

Over at her blog Medelabreastpumpreview.net, Amy Leigh writes about 15 women around the world over the years who have breastfeed all sorts of creatures big and small including cats, dogs, monkey, deer, and even baby tigers.

“Here’s food for thought: why is it accepted for a cow to breastfeed our children, while the idea of a woman breastfeeding a calf is seen as absurd? Does it violate the rules of nature? Why, then, are we giving our children cow milk if interspecies feeding is so appalling?” asks Leigh, who highlights some amazing stories.

There’s Vijay Luxmi Sau, an Indian woman who adopted an abandoned baby fawn. After finding the hungry fawn, she began breastfeeding it along with her own human baby.Then there’s Namita Das, who began breastfeeding a baby monkey after her older children left home.

Das, who considers the monkey her son, reportedly suckled him for four years. The neighbors consider Das’ devotion to the monkey “abnormal,” and say she is “overdoing her affection” for him.

Kura “Kat” Tumanako of New Zealand breastfed her staffordshire bull terrier pup because she wanted to raise him as a brother to her baby girl.

“It’s my life, my responsibility. I make my own choices,” she told The Age back in 2004. “I’m going to look after me, my baby and my puppy.”

“From a veterinarian viewpoint it’s always better for any species to have its own milk. If a bitch was available that would have been better,” Sharon Marshall, a veterinarian, said at the time. She added that it’s unusual, but not unheard of, for one species to provide milk to another. For instance, there have been cases of dogs providing milk for cats. And women from Papua New Guinea hill tribes have been known to breastfeed pigs.

A Missouri woman, Janine Hammond, had no success nursing her son. But had no problem nursing her cat, a guinea pig and even a horse!

“People will think it’s weird, but it’s an amazing experience. Flash (her cat) loves it, and feeds twice a day. Nobody should knock it until they try it,” she told Closer Magazine.

Call me close-minded, but I’m afraid I’m going to knock it before trying it! What about you? Would you consider nursing another species?


photo: Medelabreastpumppreview.net

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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