Bridal Party Falls In Water While Taking Photos (Video)

bridal party falls in water
The bridal party, right before the plunge.

Imagine it’s your big day (and by that I mean your wedding day, not the day you finally finish a whole cake by yourself), or it’s your friend’s big day and you’re a bridesmaid or a groomsman and you’re all dressed up in a really expensive outfit and the groom is happy and the bride looks amazing and is crying tears of joy after a perfect ceremony. Then you go to take some pictures out on a dock, because why not? Water is beautiful and you all look beautiful and you want the pictures to be beautiful, so duh, dock it is.

All 29 of you manage to wobble out on the dock in your dress shoes and then suddenly, without any indication something might go horribly wrong, THE DOCK FLIPS OVER AND YOU ARE ALL IN THE WATER.

That’s what happened to the bridal party atĀ Frank Frearon and Patricia Matthew’s wedding. Holy God watch:

This would just totally be a laughable moment, but one of the bridesmaids did break a leg and dislocate a shoulder. Ouch! (I hope at the very least the bride just handed her the bouquet.) It seems that aside from these injuries though, everyone involved kept a good sense of humor about their ruined iPhones and wet clothes and danced the night away regardless.

“This was not a ruined wedding,” Patricia told Good Morning America. “A million people came up to us and said this was the best wedding they’d ever been to.” It certainly seems memorable!

But seriously, tho … no mention of the bridesmaid who broke bones in any of the press coverage of this? Methinks at least one friendship was ruined this day! Could you forgive if you broke a leg and dislocated a shoulder at your friend’s wedding? After spending $500 on a dress?! She better pay that co-pay from her bridal booty, yo!

Via Gawker

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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