Brilliant Anti-Smoking Ad Uses Kids to Drive the Point Home

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Kids can get you to quit.

There are a lot of really effective, powerful anti-smoking campaigns running here in New York City, some of them that include children. There’s this famous one from 2009 which is still running (I just saw it the other night) wherein a little boy is left alone in a busy train station and begins to cry. At the end, a voice-over says, “If this is how your child feels after losing you for a minute, just imagine if they lost you for life.” But I just saw probably the single most touching and thought-provoking anti-smoking campaign I’ve ever seen, produced by Ogilvy Thailand. In it, small children with cigarettes in hand ask adults for a light. Watch how the adults respond:


This video is particularly interesting to me, given that it’s very popular for children to smoke in some parts of Asia, like Indonesia, where the smoking toddler is from. This campaign really got me because it made me think about the fact that it’s often so hard for adults to do things for ourselves, but that we’re able to go to extraordinarily lengths for our children. I quit smoking (several times) after my daughter was born, and even though I didn’t smoke for very many years, I still get bronchitis once each fall. That was a terribly serious wake-up call for me.

Do any of you still smoke? If you’ve got quitting stories, feel free to share them, below.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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