Bring Your Kid to Work Day: Disney Characters that Worked Hard to Achieve Dreams

April 25 is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Have you ever done this with your children? My husband has! He works at the post office, and my kids loved getting a behind-the-scenes look at how our mail system works. Yeah, daddy was the man that day. As for me, I was just pleased that they were able to see how hard their dad works in order to provide for them.

That’s one of the reasons why showing your children where you work is such a good experience. Essentially, they’ll see first-hand what needs to be done in order to achieve success and have their dreams come true. And the same can be said for Walt Disney! Through his years of hard work and dedication, he was able to give all of us the wonderful world of Disney.

In honor of Walt Disney and all of you successful parents out there, I rounded up a list of inspiring Disney characters who worked hard to achieve their own dreams!

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  • Carl from “Up” 2 of 11

    Dream: In honor of his late wife Ellie, Carl set off to visit the mythic Paradise Falls — a lost land in South America that they had once dreamed of visiting together. 


    Effort: In the film, it wasn't easy for Carl to make it to this mythic land. First, he had to escape his hometown before the authorities could send him off to a nursing home. Then once on his adventure, he had to learn to get along with an unexpected 8-year-old traveling companion all while overcoming an evil villain. But through perseverance and a bit of ingenuity, Carl not only made it to Paradise Falls, but he gained a friendship like no other. 

  • Mulan from “Mulan” 3 of 11

    Dream: Mulan dreamed of not only saving her aging father from being forced to serve in the Chinese army but desperately wanted to bring her entire family honor.


    Effort: In order to keep her father from serving against the Huns, Mulan dressed up as a man and joined the army in his stead. She endured tests of physical and emotional strength during her journey, but she was ultimately able to save both her father and the Imperial City from the invading army — bringing honor to her father and ancestors.

  • Walter from “The Muppets” 4 of 11

    Dream: Walter aimed to reunite The Muppets and save their studio from a greedy oil tycoon.


    Effort: In the film, Walter tirelessly works to raise $10 million to restore Muppet Studios to its former glory. He runs into hardships getting the estranged Muppets back together for another show as well as getting television networks to pick up their telethon idea. Without his dedication to the cause and quick-thinking, he would have never been able to save the studio like he did.

  • Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” 5 of 11

    Dream: After the death of her father, Tiana aims to make their shared dream come true by opening up a restaurant.


    Effort: To eventually get her own business up and running, Tiana works hard at saving money by working at two different restaurants. However, she's met with hardship when she's outbid by wealthier investors and is unexpectedly turned into a frog by an evil witch doctor. Through courage and resourcefulness, Tiana is eventually able to make her restaurant a dream come true.

  • Marlin from “Finding Nemo” 6 of 11

    Dream: After his wife is eaten by a barracuda, overprotective father Marlin's one dream is to keep his son, Nemo, safe. 


    Effort: After Nemo is captured by a Sydney-bound boat, Marlin does everything it takes to bring his son back home. From overcoming his own fears to traveling long distances to battling and overcoming dangerous sea creatures, Marlin's determination helped him bring his son safely home.

  • Woody from “Toy Story 3” 7 of 11

    Dream: After Andy becomes too old to play with his toys, Woody's dream is to be played with again.


    Effort: In the film, Woody encountered many struggles from Lotso Bear and his gang when trying to escape Sunnyside Daycare Center. However, his leadership skills and perseverance ultimately paid off and helped him and his fellow toys make it to Bonnie's home to be played with again.

  • Rapunzel from “Tangled” 8 of 11

    Dream: Rapunzel's only dream was to see the mysterious floating lights that she glimpsed out of her tower window once a year.  


    Effort: While Rapunzel was locked up for almost 18 years, her only glimpse of the outside world was a yearly sighting of  floating lights. Little did she know that those floating lanterns were a memorial celebration for her, the lost princess.  She sets off on an adventure to see the floating lanterns up close, and along the way she discovers her freedom, her past, and and true love. Nothing, not even momma drama, stood in her way of making her dreams come true.

  • Timothy Q. Mouse from “Dumbo” 9 of 11

    Dream: Dumbo's sidekick, Timothy Q. Mouse, hoped to make Dumbo a top act in the circus.


    Effort: Timothy worked hard to build Dumbo's self-confidence and convince the circus director that his big-eared pal was worthy of a spot in the circus. It was through Timothy's faith in his friend along with the help of a "magic feather" that helped Dumbo's confidence take hold and turned him into a famed member of the circus.

  • Merida from “Brave” 10 of 11

    Dream: Merida dreams of being able to choose her own path in life instead of getting married to whomever her parents choose. 


    Effort:  Talk about working hard to make a change! Merida stood up against tradition and worked hard to change the marriage customs in her land. While the botched spell that was cast on her mother could have torn the family apart, her bravery and perseverance helped them reunite and ultimately made her and her mother's bond stronger than ever.

  • Milo from “Mars Needs Moms” 11 of 11

    Dream: Milo wants to get his mom back from Martians who came to Earth to take her away.


    Effort: In the film, Milo's ingenuity helps him stowaway on a spaceship and travel all the way to Mars just to rescue his mother. He is met with many struggles — from being unable to breathe in the Martian atmosphere to Martian troops teaming up on him — but his bravery and steadfastness pay off and his mother is saved.

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