Bristol Palin Admits She Can't Discipline Tripp, Who Has a Filthy, Possibly Hateful Mouth

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Bristol Palin and her son Tripp, who isn't always this sweet.

Bristol Palin and her son Tripp are the subjects of a reality series titled, “Life’s a Tripp,” airing on Lifetime. In the most recent episode, it was claimed by several websites, that 3-year-old Tripp calls his Aunt Willow a f*ggot. But Bristol has taken to her blog to dispute that claim, suggesting instead that her delightful offspring called his aunt a f*cker. You be the judge, here’s the clip:



It makes perfect sense to me that Tripp would have directed a gay slur at his aunt, because we know Willow herself loves gay slurs. I can totally envision an auntie-nephew bonding session that went something like, “You f*aggot. Say it, Tripp. You’re a f*ggot. Hahahahaha…” But, to be fair, Bristol isn’t the only one saying Tripp called his aunt a f*cker; showrunner Matt Lutz backs up Bristol’s story.

The obvious parenting angle here is that no matter what Tripp said, Bristol simply sat there and laughed at him, rather than do the appropriate thing and in a firm but loving voice say, “It’s not nice to call Aunt Willow a f*cking f*ggot. Especially because she’s not gay. She’s an idiot. Not a dyke.”

Bristol explains Tripp’s gaffe away by saying, “Tripp is always surrounded by adults—around the campfires with cousins and their friends, at the shop with my dad and his snowmachine buddies. He’s apparently picked up some language that I’d prefer he not use. On national television or at home.” And yet she did nothing but giggle when he repeatedly used whatever word he used, so, she can’t be that upset about it. And this is what happens when babies have babies, y’all: Bristol is still so immature she legit thinks it’s funny when her kid acts like this. I mean, we all kinda think it’s funny when our kids say things that are a bit too adult for their age – whether that involves expletives or not – but most of us are able to giggle silently to ourselves about it and then recount the tale later to our friends on Facebook.

The best part of Bristol’s blog post on the subject though is the way she commandeers a pseudo apology and uses it for her own purposes. That’s that Palin blood alive and well, man! That Conservative ability to barely acknowledge and constantly change the subject, misdirecting the rest of us away from the real issues. In the last paragraph of what is a pretty short post, Bristol writes, “In the meantime, my #IBuiltThis video is going viral — with its message of real hope and classic American self-reliance.  If you care more about the fate of our nation and culture than the verbal slips of a three-year-old, please watch.”

But Bristol, you see, those of us who feel compelled to write about the fact that it’s possible your son has learned the word f*ggot and is using it in a derogatory fashion at age 3 ARE concerned about the fate of our nation and culture. The verbal slips of your 3-year-old indicate exactly where our culture is headed, no matter which f-word he said. Your people believe in a culture of abuse and blame (unless you’re being blamed, then you say the people pointing fingers at you are on a witch hunt) that promotes the kind of environment where a 3-year-old is going to hear things around the campfire like, “Gays kin get married now. Hell, Bristol couldint even git married. Why should f*gs be able to?”

Bristol, maybe instead of telling Barack Obama how to raise his daughters, you should be focusing a bit more on the problems you’re having with your son, hmm?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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