Bump in the Night – Should You Visit a Haunted House When You're Pregnant?

haunted-houseMy four-year-old carries around our local haunted house guide — basically a newspaper insert that advertises all the local scary spots.  She’s loves everything Halloween, but can’t bring herself to actually look inside.  Too scary!

Little ones are far too young to visit the scariest haunted houses, though their parents might find it fun.  But if you’re pregnant and carrying around your own little pumpkin, should you go inside?

According to a post a CafeMom, haunted houses aren’t the best place for pregnant women.  That’s because it’s not really safe, says MichelleZ, and she’s not talking about the headless guy in the corner with a chainsaw.

Instead, Michelle says pregnant moms should watch out for:

  • The darkness and tripping over something you cannot see. (I know my balance is certainly off.)
  • Loud startling noises can also affect the baby.
  • Smoke or fog machines are not healthy to breathe in.
  • They are often crowded and people push and shove — could be dangerous.

When I was pregnant, the last place I wanted to be during a night out was a dark, crowded house/barn/warehouse being screamed at by local teenagers in fake blood.  Not because I might get too scared, but because I was already uncomfortable.  Why make it worse?

Michelle makes some valid points here, though.  If haunted houses are really your thing, and you can’t imagine missing them this year, just being aware of the risks can go a long way toward keeping you and your baby safe.

But if, on the other hand, a night out to dinner and a movie is more your speed, feel free to print off those warnings above and use them as an excuse to tell your partner, “Sorry honey.  Not this year!”

Would you go into a haunted house if you were pregnant?

Photo: Trostle, Flickr

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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