Business Card Dos and Don'ts

Are you heading to any conferences this summer? Maybe Type-A Parent, EVO, or BlogHer?

Then you’ll need a business card.

Attending blog conferences is about more than just learning the latest tricks of the blogging trade, it’s also about networking. This means you’ll need something to give the folks you meet that will help them remember you and, generally, that means a business card.

So let’s take a moment about what needs to be on a business card. Because there are key details that need to be there, and you’d be surprised how many people forget to include simple things, like an email address.

At one conference, I was handed a lovely business card that included a gorgeous pair of earrings. I loved the earrings, and wanted to promote the woman that made the earrings but her business card didn’t include a link to her Etsy page, and when I tried to search, it turned out she had a different store name than the one on the card. Very frustrating, and defeated the point her business card DEFINITELY stood out in my mind, but I couldn’t do anything about it.

So I’ve made up a fake business card that includes some of the most basic mistakes. NOTE: Please, if you do any of these things, don’t take it personally. Okay?

Here we go.

So, what SHOULD be on your card? At a minimum:

• Name (your real name, if you’ve met people in person, as well as any blog alias)

• Title (blogger? writer? consultant?)


• Website URL

But you might want to also consider adding these.

• Actual photo of you (this helps people remember who you are when they get home)

• Twitter, Facebook, Google+ links

• Tagline for your blog or sentence highlighting your blog’s topics.

You can use both sides of the card, of course, to include all this information. I also recommend that the design of the card look like your website, at least to some extent. This helps people remember you as well, and is good basic branding advice.

Lastly: while the free cards are tempting, and are really totally fine when you are first starting out (I had VistaPrint cards at my first conference, oh yes I did), I really encourage you to look for places that can print your cards inexpensively but professionally. I use GotPrint, personally.

If you see me at your conference, be sure to give me your card, will ya?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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