Buyosphere: A Shopper's Paradise

“People buy things from other people.” Was it Chris Brogan who said that ages ago regarding social media?

We all know it’s true. We make our purchasing decisions based on our friends recommendations. Okay, I won’t speak for you… I make my purchasing decisions almost entirely on the recommendations of my friends. Primarily because I’m the world’s worse shopper.

So the fact that it’s taken so long forĀ Buyosphere to pop up is really kind of amazing. To be fair, the “social purchase sharing” platform first launched as Shwowp in November 2010. But after it won Eatmyword’s “Worst Brand of 2010” award (yes, over Retardex Toothpaste, mind you), Shwowp founder Tara Hunt made a wise choice to invest in a rebrand and relaunch. So in April 2011, with a brand new name and web site, Buyosphere “opens it’s doors to the public as a platform dedicated to helping individuals express themselves through their material world.”

To my untrained eye, it looks a lot like Pinterest. Following in the curation trend, you collect stuff, but in this case it’s stuff that you HAVE or you WANT. And it links directly to an online retailers where you can buy.

Tara says, “There is nothing more expressive than how we spend our money. Buyosphere makes it easy to create a taste profile for yourself, share it, connect with others and discover things at the edge of the web.”

“Loooove the purse! Love the coat!” You can just stalk (urg, I mean follow) her on Buyosphere and get her whole outfit plus beauty products. A little creepy but at least now you don’t even have to bother her with asking where to buy them.

Your personal profile is called your Buyography, the data they collect is called Buyometrics, and the new blog is called the Buyble.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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