C-Section Scars Could Be Reduced with “Welding”

iStock_000010646024XSmallI had a Cesarean section. But I was lucky: my c-section scar is itsy-bitsy, so tiny I totally forget that it is there (which is actually a miracle, because at the time that I earned this birthing battle wound a 10 1/2 pound baby came out of the incision made into my body). Other women have far more prominent scars with far less heavy babies, but those big c-section scars may be a thing of the past by way of “welding.”

IonMed, an Israeli firm, created a stitch and staple-free method that can fuse the skin together via a method akin to welding metal, a process that minimizes the scar created by surgery. The BioWeld, as the Telegraph reports, “uses plasma a charged form of gas normally produced by welding torches to weld wounds together.” In England, there was a clinical trial where three women had their c-sections closed with the BioWeld and the results were reportedly great. And that’s not all: “the gas used is anti-bacterial, so will minimize risks of infection, and encourages the growth of blood vessels, ensuring the area that was operated on receives a good supply of blood.”

Cool, no? But if you’d like to plan on having a BioWeld bond for your next c-section, you’ll have to wait. The technique is still awaiting approval in Europe but will probably begin being used in hospitals in a few months. It may be quite a while before this procedure gets tested and approved in the United States.

Would you try the BioWeld or are you more of stitch and staple kind of gal?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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