C-Sections: Are Staples or Stitches Better?

After a c-section, there are basically two ways to close the wound: Staples, or a variety of different kinds of stitches. A new study has found that — as far as cosmetic issues go — the two methods are equal.

Researchers out of University of Insubria in Varese, Italy, randomly assigned 180 pregnant women with scheduled c-sections to either receive staples or one of three kinds of stitches. Six months after surgery, most of the women in all four groups had developed what’s called a “mature scar” — flat to the skin and lightly colored — or a slightly raised red scar at the incision site.

Researchers say that, according to these findings, the bigger factor in scar development has to with patient factors, not the choice of suture. Smoking, diabetes, and certain medications can put women at risk for slow healing, says Yahoo! News, and women with a darker skin tone are more likely to develop keloids.

An earlier study found that using staples following a c-section increases the risk of post-surgery complications. Will these two studies impact future recommendations for c-section care?

Share your story with us. Did you have a c-section? How was your incision closed, and do you think it affected your recovery?

Photo: Kelly Sue, Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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