Calling All Sexy Mama Bloggers: ParentsConnect Wants You!

Here’s the deal, Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect is looking for sexy mom bloggers to be featured on their site in the month of May for their Sexy Mamas Month.

Two seconds after the contest appeared on my Facebook feed, I clicked the link to learn more. Surely the thumbnail picture of a tanned and toned young hottie in a bra and panties jumping playfully on a bed was a mistake. Nope, no mistake. First, the woman in the picture is no mom (I call cyborg). Second, I thought ParentsConnect wanted mom bloggers to enter. Intimidating the crap out of us might not be the best idea.

If being featured in ParentsConnect’s list of “the sexiest, sassiest mamas on the ‘net” does something for you, I say go for it. But I’m still left wondering why.

To nominate yourself or another mom (huh?), all you need to do it answer the following questions. Could I even answer these questions if I tried?

1. What makes you feel sexy? Unless you’re using “sexy” to mean confident, I probably don’t want to tell you; sorta personal. And that skinny babe on the bed is seriously making me feel so inadequate that I still think you mean sexy to mean, well, sexy. 

2. Who’s your sexy mama role model? Gawd, I dunno. Kate Winslet? She’s a hot mom but not a blogger; boo. Hell if I know.

3. What’s your best tip to help other moms feel super-confident and sexy? Dim lighting. Complete darkness.

Oh, and let’s not forget the best part, “(If you’re nominating another sexy mom, just tell us WHY you think they deserve to win!)” What the what? I’d like to nominate So-and-So blogger because she has a great rack? Is that we’re supposed to do?

I’m not here to hate on mom bloggers who feel sexy, ooze sexy, are sexy – whatever sexy. If anything I’m sorta jealous of all the sexy. What I have a problem with is why ParentsConnect didn’t decide to honor mom bloggers in a more respectable way.

What do you think of ParentsConnect’s Sexy Mom Blogger contest?

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