Camp Grounded: A Digital Detox Camp for Adults

Camp-GroundedMy name is Sunny and I am a tech junkie. There. I’ve said it. My addiction plays a part in almost every moment of my day. I am glued to my laptop writing posts like this, checking my email every couple of minutes and I have a severe Facebook habit. And when I’m not on my laptop, I’m getting updates on my iPhone. Or I’m texting by husband about dinner plans or just telling him a miss him. I actually think my husband I communicate more via emails, texts and Facebook messaging that in person. We’ve even been guilty of messaging each other while we’re in the same room. Yeah, I think my tech addiction may be out of control. That is why I find the idea of “Camp Grounded” so intriguing.

Camp Grounded is being created by  The Digital Detox, and will be taking place in Northern California near Anderson Valley in a “nostalgic 1970”²s boy scouts camp.” The event, which will take place in June, is a four-day “summer camp for adults.” A camp where campers will undergo a detox from all their pieces of technology. As Mashable states there will be “no technology use, no cell phones allowed and no talking about work.”

“We really hope people reconnect with themselves,” said Ben Hanna, from The Digital Detox. “So many people now don’t understand their relationship with technology, but they do know something’s wrong with how often they feel the need to check their phone.”

Many of us are so completely immersed in our digital tools that we really do feel strange when we aren’t “engaged,” one way or another, with our technology.  The camp will take away that tech engagement and replace it for reality based engagement with archery, art and crafts projects, capture the flag, yoga sessions and even a pillow fight.

“When you were a kid, your life was not dominated by the technology that it is now,” Hanna said. “We want to take people back to that easy state of living where their only concern is ‘what’s the next activity that I’m going to right now and what’s going to be the next fun thing?'”

Would you go to a summer camp for adults?

Photo Source: The Digital Detox



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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