Can a 4-Year-Old Be a Fashion Icon? (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
A young Audrey Hepburn?

I’m pretty sure my older daughter Petunia, 4, is mine because I was there in the delivery room when they cut her out of my belly. However, given that there was curtain separating my head from the rest of my body and I didn’t actually see her until, like, a minute after she was born, I have a suspicion there was actually another baby who accidentally or on purpose got switched out and I was sent home with the wrong kid.

The reason I think that is because in her short life to date, Petunia has changed her clothes more times than I have over the course of my much, much longer life. Clothes are, to me, those things I wear because I am either hot or cold, and because no one wants to see me naked (trust me).

Clothes to Petunia, on the other hand, are a means of expression. When she feels something, she wears it. If that means she changes clothes every few hours or minutes, so be it. At first I tried to exert some control over her wardrobe, but I’ve long since given up. I pick my battles. Clothing isn’t one of them.

The thing is, I think she might be onto something. A budding Coco Chanel, perhaps? Punky Brewster’s distant cousin? Or Cyndi Lauper, circa 1984? A mix of all three? You decide:

  • The Skirt is on Backwards 1 of 14
    The Skirt is on Backwards
    Clearly a fashion statement.
  • Coco Chanel Redux 2 of 14
    Coco Chanel Redux
    Or is she more a young Audrey Hepburn?
  • Even When She’s Monkeying Around, She Accessorizes 3 of 14
    Even When She's Monkeying Around, She Accessorizes
    Because it's all about the accessories.
  • Her Future’s So Bright, She’s Gotta Wear Shades 4 of 14
    Her Future's So Bright, She's Gotta Wear Shades
    No wardrobe is complete with a pair of sunglasses.
  • Headbands are Key 5 of 14
    Headbands are Key
    Or whatever you want to call that thing wrapped around her forehead.
  • Hats are a Must 6 of 14
    Hats are a Must
    Better to see the pink ice cream with.
  • Too Young for Makeup 7 of 14
    Too Young for Makeup
    Never too young for face paint.
  • Who Says Socks are Just for Feet? 8 of 14
    Who Says Socks are Just for Feet?
    Not Petunia, that's who.
  • A Modern-Day Susie Chapstick 9 of 14
    A Modern-Day Susie Chapstick
    Her best Blue Steel.
  • Tutu on the Playground? 10 of 14
    Tutu on the Playground?
    Mais, oui!
  • Princess Potpurri 11 of 14
    Princess Potpurri
    It smells just as good as it looks.
  • Knee Socks? Of course. 12 of 14
    Knee Socks? Of course.
    It's just a shame she couldn't pull them any higher.
  • Fewer Clothes = Deeper Thoughts 13 of 14
    Fewer Clothes = Deeper Thoughts
    Could there be another explanation for this outfit?
  • Most Princesses Have Their Clothes Laid Out for Them 14 of 14
    Most Princesses Have Their Clothes Laid Out for Them
    But some princesses do it for themselves.

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All photo credits: Meredith Carroll


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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