Can Dad Ever Really Be Cool?

Ties, Shmies. Here’s what Dad really wants for Father’s Day: To feel like he’s still on the upswing. To feel like he’s not a dork. To feel like he might be kinda sorta slightly cool.

Parenthood has long been equated with the end of one’s hip years. Something about the fact that you have to be responsible and socially acceptable, maybe. A few outliers manage to make the child into an attractive accessory. But by and large, the association runs deep.

Parents are by definition, less hip than non-parents. It’s a rule of the universe, evidence of our obsolescence as the next generation takes over the helm. Right? Maybe not. There’s at least one guy out there who’s out to prove that Dads may be what hipsters are all about.

The Dads are The Original Hipsters blog is an amusing and oddly thought provoking look at the Dads of yesteryear as inspiration for the hipsters of today. Users submit pictures of their Dads back in the day, which are then given a rollicking comparative analysis by founder Brad Getty.

  • Dads drink fancy beer. 1 of 8
    Dads drink fancy beer.
    "Your dad was into craft beer before you were and he has one of the best breweries around to prove it. He was the MacGyver of making drunk, the Mozart of all things malt. He could bottle a beer with one hand, seduce your mother with the other and still never spill a drop."
  • Dads start fashion trends. 2 of 8
    Dads start fashion trends.
    "So hipsters, next time you're putting on your girlfriend's t-shirt and claiming that you look better in it, remember this… Your dad is the reason why small is so big."
  • Dads rage. 3 of 8
    Dads rage.
    "So hipsters, next time you're recanting a tale of intoxicated past and bragging about how awesome you were the previous night, remember this… Your dad is the patron saint partying and the reason the term "that guy" exists. "
  • Dads enjoy inappropriate humor. 4 of 8
    Dads enjoy inappropriate humor.
    "Your dad blushed cheeks first and after a few stiff drinks, I bet he still has a few choice comments that would push your ass back in a seat."
  • Dads thrift. 5 of 8
    Dads thrift.
    "So hipsters, when you're sniffing garments at the local Goodwill or flipping through hangers in hunt of a perfectly ironic vintage t, remember this: Your dad was first at being second."
  • Dads use obscene gestures. 6 of 8
    Dads use obscene gestures.
    "So hipsters, next time you're sitting in a coffee shop with your cohort of cronies and discussing why everyone else in the room sucks, remember this… Your dad had the balls to hate in public, not behind people's backs."
  • Dads have unkempt manes. 7 of 8
    Dads have unkempt manes.
    "Your dad had unkempt hair before you did. Long before looking like you just rolled out of bed became a fashion and back in a time where you were never too drunk to drive, your dad had a man mane. He didn't spend hours eloquently disheveling his hair with $40 salon level product, he earned his look. He styled his locks with morning sexual encounters with your mom, fist fights and a touch of "I don't give a f___."
  • Dads judge others less hip than themselves. 8 of 8
    Dads judge others less hip than themselves.
    "So hipsters, when you're throwing looks of "I can't believe that fashion hack douche wander is wearing relaxed fit Levi's" while smoking an American Spirit and commenting on how inhaling anything other than natural tobacco is bad for you, remember this… Your dad is judging you right now because in your attempt to be the most original creation in the universe you've become the one thing you've been revolting against for years, him."

Yes, I know it is reasonably likely that most of these photos were taken before these guys were Dads. And it’s also somewhat likely that their hipness was not quite as apparent at the time as it is in contemporary retrospect. But we don’t know that for sure, do we? Let’s take this seed of inspiration and let it blossom into new confidence for the Dads in our lives. At least until Father’s Day is over.

The site’s gotten a lot of attention and it’s in the process of being turned into a book. Maybe a good gift for next Father’s Day? Submit a photo of your Dad, the unknown hipster, to:

Are we destined to find our fathers uncool? Will the Dads of today inspire the hipsters of tomorrow?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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