Can You Pick The NCAA Bracket Better Than a 6 Year Old?

In what is both the most adorable and least logical (and therefore most likely to win) system of picking your NCAA March Madness bracket, a bunch of 6 year olds from an elementary school in Los Angeles are offering up their advice.

The kids’ picks, courtesy of AT&T, are based on important factors like team colors, what kind of mascot the team has, and whether they’ve heard of any of the players. Frankly, it’s just as good a system as any.

“Every year you fill out a bracket, goaded on by convincing experts, telling you who to pick,” intones the announcer. “Three weeks later, someone’s 6-year-old nephew wins your pool because he likes the color blue.”

“We’re giving you unobstructed access to the first-grade brain.”

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One kid is sure Notre Dame will win, apparently because their Leprechaun-like mascot can destroy your house on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s like Easter, except instead of leaving candy, he leaves gold. (After he destroys your house.) In any case, obviously this skill translates onto the court, and Notre Dame is going to demolish Xavier.

Another kid is convinced that the Syracuse Orange will win by blending in with the orange basketballs, faking out their opponents. One boy is sure the Memphis Tigers will win against St. Louis, because a tiger can bite the face of the opponent. The kid does point out that the tigers will have to be careful not to bite any of the basketballs, though, because then they will run out of air.

It’s all so obvious now.

The truth is, I’m terrible at picking the NCAA tournament bracket. One year, however, I came in second in my office pool by basing all my decisions on whether I liked the team color, and which mascot would win in a head-to-head contest. (Pro tip: cat mascots beat bird mascots, duh.) I also decided I needed to pick one weirdly-named team as an upset, because the best part of the tournament is the Cinderella story. That year, I picked the Southern Illinois Salukis. While everyone else was like, “What the hell is a saluki?” I looked like a genius.

So this year, I’m betting on these 6-year-olds.*

*Note, I would never actually bet on a 6-year-old because they run too slow that would be wrong.

via USA Today

(Photo credit: AT&T)

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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