Can You Say ‘Double Standard?’ Dad Makes News for Same Poor Decision Moms Make Every Day [VIDEO]

It’s soooooo easy to criticize and judge other parents — moms, in particular — for how poorly they’re raising their kids. The kids get away with mac and cheese for dinner every night. They don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables. Too much screen time. Not enough fresh air. Public meltdowns. Inappropriate comments. Poor table manners.

Moms get it coming and going. Dads? Doesn’t it seem all too often that they get away with anything and everything? Messy, unbathed kids who eat nothing but tater tots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner under Dad’s watchful eye are charming. If mom did it, however, Child Protective Services would be knocking down the front door. As moms, we aren’t perfect. Every day is filled with parenting hazards. Thankfully, most catastrophes at the hands of moms aren’t realized, but plenty are.

But finally, a dad gets called out for something, and it’s not even something that would make a blip on Mom’s radar. Some doofus father at a spring training Florida Marlins vs. New York Mets game (yawn) went chasing after a ball that came his way and he went for it. His kid went the other way. In a wagon. Down a hill. Almost crashed. Didn’t. No harm. No foul. (Except for the ball.)

And yet this dad is making news. Really? You can’t call him out for something else? How about that he risked life and limb for a spring-training game ball — Marlins vs. Mets? Who cares about a ball during the pre-season? And a kid who trickled down barely a hill three feet in a wagon but didn’t actually go flying? Sheesh. And yawn. Talk about a dumb dad double standard.

Video credit: YouTube


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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